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21 Audiobooks And Podcasts By Black Canadians You Have To Listen To

From memoirs and fiction to pop culture and politics, there's something on this list for everyone.

If you're looking for a way to celebrate, educate, and support the contributions of Black Canadians, look no further. Whether you're clicking away on your laptop or just enjoying some downtime, audiobooks and podcasts are the perfect way to fill the silence and enjoy some hands-free reading.

February is Black History Month, but you can enjoy these bingeworthy audiobooks and podcasts all year long.

1. The Skin We're In by Desmond Cole

The cover of Desmond Cole's book The Skin We're In

2. Other Side of the Game by Amanda Parris

Cover art of CBC's podcast that says PlayME in large letters

3. Saga Boy by Antonio Michael Downing

The cover of Antonio Michael Downing's book Saga Boy

4. The Drip with Patience Adamu and Kurtis Vermont

An illustration of Kurtis and Patience with a title below that says the drip

5. They Said This Would Be Fun by Eternity Martis

The cover of Eternity Martis' book they said this would be fun

6. The Secret Life of Canada with Leah-Simone Bowen and Falen Johnson

An illustration of Leah and Falen reading a book

7. Washington Black by Esi Edugyan

The cover of Esi Edugyan's book Washington Black

8. Black Canadian Content Creator‪s‬ with Sherley Joseph

A picture of Sherley J's face with a caption that says Black Canadian Content Creators

9. Ossuaries by Dionne Brand

The cover of Dionne Brand's book Ossuaries

10. Black Tea with Dalton Higgins and Melayna Williams

An illustration of a cup of tea with the title Black Tea above it

11. Code Black with Renee Weekes, Maxine McDonald, and Bunmi Adeoye

An illustration of a barcode with the title Code Black Communicator Network below it

12. Policing Black Lives by Robyn Maynard

The cover of Robyn Maynard's book Policing Black Lives

13. Conversations With Coco + Friend‪s‬ with Catriona Smart, Cleo Ellis and Pilar Adams

An image of Conversations With Coco + Friend‪s‬

14. They Call Me George by Cecil Foster

The cover of Cecil Foster's book They call me George

15. #CitylineReal on Race with Tracy Moore

A picture of Tracy Moore with the title Cityline Real on Race

16. The Rage of Dragons by Evan Winter

The cover of Evan Winter's book The Rage of Dragons

17. Days by Moonlight by André Alexis

The cover of Andre Alexis' book Days by Moonlight

18. Shame On Me by Tessa McWatt

The cover of Tessa McWatt's book Shame On Me

19. Shut Up You're Pretty by Téa Mutonji

The cover of Tea Mutonji's book Shut Up You're Pretty

20. In the Black written by B. Denham Jolly and narrated by Tim Puckett

The cover of B Denham Jolly's book In The Black

21. Gutter Child written by Jael Richardson and narrated by Phoenix Pagliacci

The cover of Jael Richardson's book Gutter Child

With so many audiobooks and podcasts to choose from, your hardest decision will be which one to pick to first. Let us know what you'll be listening to in the comments!