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If You Pass This Black Film Trivia Quiz, I'll Be Seriously Impressed

Let's see how good that memory really is.

  1. Which girl was kicked out of The Dreams in Dreamgirls?

  2. What was Mookie's job in Do The Right Thing?

    Universal Pictures
  3. In Girls Trip, what fruit did Dina use to give her friends sex advice?

    Universal Pictures
  4. Quincy's father from Love & Basketball played for which NBA team?

    New Line Cinema
  5. In Get Out, what was the name of the otherworld state black people were trapped in when their bodies are taken over?

    Universal Pictures
  6. At the end of The Best Man, Harper proposes to who?

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  7. In Moonlight, what was Chiron's nickname when he was a child?

  8. Where were Lucky and Justice taking a road trip to in Poetic Justice?

    Columbia Pictures
  9. Which one of these characters is Cleo from Set If Off?

  10. The phrase "Bye Felicia" came from which movie?