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"This Is Us" Finally Revealed Beth's Backstory And People Are Like "YASSS" But Also "MORE!!!"

"This was the Beth centered episode we deserved!! I want more!!!"

Last night, This Is Us FINALLY gave fans the Beth Pearson backstory we've all been waiting for since the NBC family drama first premiered back in 2016.

I know I’m not alone when I say I’ve been waiting nearly 3 seasons to learn what made Beth the woman, mother, daughter & wife she’s become. Tonight, we finally dive into Beth’s backstory & get these answers. @skelechiwatson is remarkable.🌟 Can’t wait for you to see!💕 #ThisIsUs

We met two younger versions of Beth/Bethany/Little Island Girl, including her determined, daydreaming teenage self.

Hold up, can we please get into the continuity of those perfect box braids and laid baby hairs??? Beth is NOT new to this, OK???

And we were also introduced to Beth's mom, played by the inimitable Phylicia "Your Fave TV Mom Could NEVER" Rashad of The Cosby Show...

Phylicia Rashad looking young enough to play Rudy’s mama and fierce enough to play Beth’s mama at the same 👏🏾 time. 👏🏾 #werk #ThisIsUs

...and her dad, played wonderfully by veteran TV star Carl Lumbly. (Shout out to whoever cast an actual Jamaican to portray a Jamaican character. Carl's accent was ON POINT!)

Phylicia Rashad is WONDERFUL as Beth's mom but can we also take a second to appreciate Carl Lumbly as her father because he is absolutely perfect #ThisIsUs

I won't give too much away, ICYMI, but the story takes a deep dive into young Beth's ballet aspirations, her father's passing from lung cancer, and her mother's tough-love parenting style.

Wow, #ThisIsUs was able to capture the complexities in the relationship between black mothers and daughters as well as the pressure of black womanhood all in Beth’s one backstory episode. So many emotions. #ThisIsBeth

To say people were in their feels would be the biggest understatement of 2019.

Yo. The fact that Beth and Randall both lost their Dads at such an important time in their lives... but they don’t seem to be bonded by their pain... and they instead have a healthy union and family with kids who get to be themselves... #ThisIsUs

They LOVED how Beth and Zoe finally had some major cuzzo bonding time...

This conversation with Beth and Zoe was needed. It’s the first conversation where both characters gave us some of their history. #ThisIsUs

(Them singing TLC's "What About Your Friends" >>>>>>)

Beth and Zoe jamming in the car to TLC's What About Your Friends is Everything. #ThisIsUs @NBCThisisUs

...and they could NOT get over Beth's one-sided discussion with her late father who was her biggest supporter.

Beth’s convo with her dad has me undone. #ThisIsUs #ThisIsBeth

I know I'm not the only one who bawled my damn eyes out when Beth finally told her mom how she felt about having to give up her ballet dreams!

You didn’t have to take it from me...poor Beth😢😢😢😢 #ThisIsUs

I mean, as a first-gen Jamaican-American woman raised by a strong mother who sacrificed everything for her daughters, I. FELT. SEEEEEN. And apparently so did many other folks.

"There's no air to fail..." WHEW...In one sentence, Beth just described what it's like for one too many Black women in this country... #ThisIsUs #BlackWomen #BlackExcellence #TwiceAsGood #NoDaysOff

But the moment that shook ALL of us to our cores?

Beth & Randall’s first meeting, THE FEELS #thisisus

Teenage Randall "meeting" teenage Beth for the first time!!!

Omg. Young Randall just ran into young Beth. #ThisIsUs

@ItsEllemichelle said it best: "I. LITERALLY. CANNOT."

Teenage Beth meeting teenage Randall!!! I. LITERALLY. CANNOT. #ThisIsUs

Okay ~technically~ the two teens didn't meet. They merely bumped into one another at a new student mixer (at what I presume to be their college alma mater?)

Me waiting on the Beth met Randall episode #ThisIsUs

So, naturally we wanna know HOW, WHEN, WHY, AND WHERE they actually met one another in college!!!

Can we PLEASE have more college Beth & Randall!!! #ThisIsUs

Even though the episode left us wanting more, we were gifted with that gorgeous scene of the three Beths dancing their hearts out...

Beth going after her Aunt Viv moment and I’m so here for it. #ThisIsUs

...AND we figured out what future Beth was doing in a dance school.

😭 I understand the dance school in the future now follow your passion Beth #ThisIsUs

Beth and Randall supporting one another as they both pursue their dreams is the black love storyline we want and NEED, TBQH.

The way Randall looks at Beth. Like she hangs the moon and the stars in the sky herself. I want that so bad. 😭 #ThisisUs


This was the Beth centered episode we deserved!! I want more!!! #ThisisUs