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An Anti-Trump Republican Is Backing Out Of His Contract To Lobby Against New Sanctions On Russia After Scrutiny

“Now, I've got to get back to the barricades,” John Weaver tweeted Thursday. “Apologies for the momentary distraction.”

Henry J. Gomez • 9 days ago

An Anti-Trump Republican Strategist Is Now Lobbying Against Sanctions On Russia

John Weaver, who advises possible Trump primary challenger John Kasich, confirmed that he is working with a state-owned nuclear energy company.

Henry J. Gomez • 9 days ago

Early-State Democrats See Joe Biden As A Pragmatic, Electable Placeholder — Not The Progressive Future

“He can come in here and fix what is broken right now. And maybe pick a vice president that’s a little bit progressive?”

Henry J. Gomez • 19 days ago

Joe Biden Tells South Carolina Voters That Jim Crow Is “Sneaking Back In”

The former vice president also went heavy on the Obama nostalgia in a state where the Democratic primary is likely to be decided by black voters.

Henry J. Gomez • 21 days ago

Joe Biden Wants To Make Donald Trump Deplorable Again

Hillary Clinton made her 2016 campaign into a warning that Donald Trump was morally unfit to be president. To stop a second Trump term, Biden’s 2020 campaign is taking a similar message.

Henry J. Gomez • 22 days ago

Joe Biden Backs A Public Option — Not Medicare For All — As He Argues For Electability

“Let me shoot straight with you — and this may not be popular in parts of the Democratic Party — but we have to have a nominee and can’t have a nominee that is too far left,” a Biden ally said Monday.

Henry J. Gomez • 26 days ago

Joe Biden Is Running As An Obama–Biden Democrat. But He Doesn’t Have Obama.

Biden says he didn't ask Obama for an endorsement. But their relationship will color the start of his 2020 campaign.

Henry J. Gomez • One month ago

Joe Biden Is Running For President

Joe Biden starts his 2020 campaign as a polling leader, but will face immediate tests to see how he fits in with the current Democratic Party.

Henry J. Gomez • One month ago

Pete Buttigieg’s Presidential Run Has Many LGBT Democrats Eager For Their Obama Moment

Among the LGBT community luminaries signing on with Buttigieg: Barry Karas, a top fundraiser for Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

Henry J. Gomez • One month ago

Pete Buttigieg Is Officially Running To Be America’s Mayor

“Washington politicians and pundits talk about mayors like we’re a different species. And you know what? Maybe they’re right.”

Henry J. Gomez • One month ago

What Happened When Pete Buttigieg Tore Down Houses In Black And Latino South Bend

"Everyone wants to find a villain," a South Bend politician said of Mayor Pete Buttigieg's housing program. "This is just how economic development happens."

Henry J. Gomez • One month ago

Tim Ryan Is Expected To Announce A Presidential Campaign This Week

The Ohio Democrat has been telling local labor leaders about his plans, sources told BuzzFeed News.

Henry J. Gomez • One month ago

An Arizona Senate Candidate’s Representatives Tried To Hide His Speaking Fee At A Public University

The amount Mark Kelly and his wife, former member of Congress Gabrielle Giffords, earned to speak at Youngstown State University is a “trade secret,” his representatives argued.

Henry J. Gomez • One month ago

Pete Buttigieg Thinks Chick-Fil-A Boycotters Are "Virtue Signaling"

The presidential candidate told BuzzFeed News' AM to DM how he hopes to get beyond being a "flavor of the month" in the primary, and how lacking his gaydar really is.

Henry J. Gomez • One month ago

Inside The Trump Storm With An Ohio Union Boss

Dave Green has been trying to save GM’s plant near Youngstown. After Trump sniped at him on social media, he quickly scored a visit from Beto O’Rourke and a bunch of media.

Henry J. Gomez • 2 months ago

The New Left Wants To Stop Joe Biden. There Just Isn't A Clear Plan To Do It.

There's a progressive faction of the Democratic Party that's very much against Joe Biden for president. Whether its strategy amounts to more than angry tweets remains to be seen.

Henry J. Gomez • 2 months ago

Joe Biden Is Sorry, Not Sorry About Saying Nice Things About Mike Pence And Other Republicans

“I have the most progressive record of anybody running for—” the not-yet-declared candidate for president said Saturday.

Henry J. Gomez • 2 months ago

This Millennial Mayor Has A Viral Strategy To End The “Porn Star Presidency”

Pete Buttigieg, a 2020 underdog, had a breakout moment by colorfully blasting Donald Trump and Mike Pence. His next goal: cracking the Democrats’ debate stage.

Henry J. Gomez • 2 months ago

Sherrod Brown Won't Run For President, After Months Of Planning For The 2020 Race

"I fight best when I bring joy to the battle," Brown said Thursday. "I find that joy fighting for Ohio in the Senate."

Henry J. Gomez • 2 months ago