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Joe Biden Is Still A Frontrunner. But At Tuesday’s Debate He Was An Afterthought.

Joe Biden blended in. And it wasn't a bad place for him to be.

Henry J. Gomez 3 days ago

Joe Biden Said Donald Trump “Should Be Impeached”

"He's shooting holes in the Constitution,” Biden said of Trump on Wednesday, “and we cannot let him get away with it."

Henry J. Gomez 9 days ago

Joe Biden’s Sister Called Trump “Unhinged” For Attacking Her Family

"He has chosen my family to be the vehicle that he can [use to] influence the election,” Valerie Biden Owens told voters in South Carolina.

Henry J. Gomez 10 days ago

Marriage Equality Is Joe Biden’s Legacy. He Had To Evolve To Get There.

"Other leaders might come to mind earlier,” Pete Buttigieg said of Biden. “But there’s a reason to think that the clock moved more quickly on marriage in the White House because of him."

Henry J. Gomez 16 days ago

This Progressive Group Sees A Path For Democrats To Win Back Ohio: Suburban Women

Red Wine and Blue’s launch coincides with this month’s Democratic debate in a Columbus suburb — a venue choice that underscores the importance of a key 2020 demographic.

Henry J. Gomez 16 days ago

Joe Biden Says Congress Should Impeach Trump If He Doesn’t Stop “Stonewalling” Investigations

“I can take the political attacks,” Biden said of Trump’s prodding on his family. But, he added, “if we allow a president to get away with shredding the United States Constitution, that will last forever.”

Henry J. Gomez 24 days ago
Henry J. Gomez 26 days ago

Some LGBTQ Advocates Want More From Pete Buttigieg: "I'm Not Going To Vote For Him Just Because He’s Gay"

“You have extra burdens and extra expectations, often unreasonable,” said one Buttigieg ally. “You have to shoulder that.”

Henry J. Gomez One month ago

Joe Biden Was Ready For A Fight With Elizabeth Warren. Instead He Got Trolled By Julián Castro.

“I’m fulfilling the legacy of Barack Obama, and you’re not,” Castro told Biden at Thursday’s Democratic debate.

Henry J. Gomez One month ago

Joe Biden Said He Advised Hillary Clinton’s Team Not To Debate With Donald Trump Over The "Access Hollywood" Tape

"Is he suggesting Hillary's reaction to the Access Hollywood tape should have been, ‘Oh, nevermind?’ That is a pretty Mad Men-era mentality," a former Clinton aide said.

Henry J. Gomez One month ago

Why Is Michael Bennet Still Running For President? A Mentor Helps Explain.

Michael Bennet got started in politics in Ohio 30 years ago. How he misses those simpler, pre-Twitter times.

Henry J. Gomez One month ago

Pete Buttigieg Has Cooled Off But His Campaign Says It’s Time For “Phase Three”

“You have to keep that fire lit, and that’s really hard to do.”

Henry J. Gomez One month ago

John Hickenlooper Has Dropped Out Of The Presidential Race

The former Colorado governor could still run for Senate.

Henry J. Gomez 2 months ago

The Uneasiness Of Joe Biden’s Presidential Campaign Is About More Than The Gaffes

Biden can come across as a candidate who’s worried that he’s running out of time — and that he’s wasting yours.

Henry J. Gomez 2 months ago

How One Presidential Candidate Got Gun Control Passed After A Massacre

John Hickenlooper began quietly, then came to sell gun control to Colorado legislators with data.

Henry J. Gomez 2 months ago

Joe Biden Got More Than A Rematch With Kamala Harris

Wednesday’s Democratic presidential debate brought the expected shots from Kamala Harris and Cory Booker, and Biden responded in kind.

Henry J. Gomez 2 months ago

Michigan’s Governor Is Giving Advice To Democrats Trying To Win The Midwest: Don’t Get Distracted By Trump

“People are less focused on the president’s Twitter feed and more worried about feeding their families,” Gretchen Whitmer said in an interview.

Henry J. Gomez 2 months ago

Bernie Sanders And Elizabeth Warren Teamed Up Instead Of Taking CNN’s Bait

Instead of going after each other in their debate, Sanders and Warren joined forces against a barrage of attacks from lesser-known moderates.

Ruby Cramer 2 months ago

Joe Biden’s Time As A Public Defender Was A Brief Line On His Résumé. Now It’s A Virtue Signal For His Campaign.

Biden has turned his long-forgotten legal work in Delaware into a response to Kamala Harris and other critics questioning his dedication to social justice issues.

Henry J. Gomez 2 months ago