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    11 Things That Annoy You About Your Sister And 11 Things That You Kind Of Love About Her

    She's annoying, but if anyone else calls her that then they're dead.

    1. Everything has to be a competition with her, you can't even shower without her making sure she goes first.

    Maritsa Patrinos / BuzzFeed

    But then you secretly enjoy the competition, if anything it secretly makes you a better person.


    2. She has absolutely no boundaries and always steals your stuff.


    Okay so maybe she has great style and you often maybe steal clothes from her too.

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    3. And she makes it impossible to get your stuff back!

    Cassie Smyth / BuzzFeed

    But to be fair, you were only looking for something to accuse her with so that's probably fair.

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    4. She literally looks nothing like you, even though everyone tells you she does. If anything it's only because she copies you...

    Maritsa Patrinos / BuzzFeed

    Alhough if other people think you look alike then it's not all bad, you've been known to use each other's IDs from time to time.

    Shout out to my sister for always letting me borrow her ID you a real one even though you probably didn't know I ha…

    5. The copying is the worst, why can't she just be original?

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    Then again it's secretly kind of cute that she looks up to you.

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    6. She gets her own way all of the time, even when she's blatantly lying.

    son is fuming bc his sister is staying home from school AGAIN. he just opened her door and said "and here's the liar in her natural habitat"

    Ultimately though, even if she is lying you'll lie for her because you've got eachother's backs.

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    7. She knows everything about you, so she knows how to insult you where it hurts.


    But the fact that she knows everything about you means that she's your best friend and you could tell her anything.


    8. You can't even eat in peace without her finding some way to annoy you.


    Which actually kind of means that you're never lonely and always have someone to chat to, even if she is annoying.

    9. As soon as something happens she runs to tattle on your to your parents.


    But when it comes down to the serious stuff she always has your back with your parents and together you're a team.

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    10. She always embarrasses you in front of your friends.

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    But if any of your friends say anything about her, well then they're in big trouble.

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    11. She is always getting up in your business and following you about.


    But you wouldn't want to spend your time with anybody else.


    You love your sister, but if you see mine don't tell her I told you that.