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    Posted on 1 Feb 2018

    Sydney Was Covered By A Giant Cloud During A Super Moon And People Are Just Tired Of Their Luck

    We are the literal *Old Man Yells At Cloud* meme.

    ICYMI, a rare super blue blood moon graced the skies and thrilled earthlings around the world last night.

    Chris J Ratcliffe, Chris McGrath / Getty Images; Josh Edelson / AFP; Petros Giannakouris / AP

    But if you were in Sydney, you definitely missed this lunar phenomenon.

    Pals, Sydney has been uncomfortably hot and humid for weeks without break painfully sunny and yet tonight the ni…

    Because as luck would have it, the weather was overcast throughout the night.

    tfw you want to see the super blood blue moon but you live in sydney and today is the one day in summer that decide…

    Australia was told it would have some of the most amazing views in the world...

    But all Sydney got was this:

    Here is my photo of the super blue blood moon in Sydney. Used the Sky Map app to get the correct direction.

    Sydneysiders are starting to notice how this seems to be happening whenever there's a celestial event.

    I swear every time there’s a lunar eclipse/super moon/blue moon/total eclipse of the heart, it’s freaking overcast in Sydney

    It no longer comes as a shock...

    Classic Sydney. First blue-blood-super moon in 152 years and it’s cloudy and raining 👍🏼👍🏼

    They're just sad.

    it’s too cloudy for me to see the super blue blood moon I’m sad

    Welp.... Still super cloudy in Sydney. No super blue blood moon for us. Again!!

    But even with clear blue skies, the people of Sydney would've missed the rare lunar trifecta...because of a technicality.

    Get ready for a lunar trifecta on Jan. 31 1⃣ The Moon will be full, near its closest point to Earth 2⃣ A lunar e…

    NSW and the ACT only experienced a super blood moon – not a super BLUE blood moon – due to daylight saving. They missed it by 26 minutes!!!

    It's just heartbreaking.

    Heartless Sydney sky... Missed the Super Blue moon 😡🤬😡 #sydney #SydneyWeather

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