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19 Secrets Girls Who Make Money On Instagram Want You To Know

Being Insta-famous isn't as easy as it seems.

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We chatted to makeup superstar Rowi Singh, holistic healthy guru Sarah's Day, and fashion/fitness model Steph Claire Smith to get the lowdown on what it takes to be Insta-famous.

1. It can take ages to get the perfect shot.

"Sometimes it'll take five [shots], sometimes 50, sometimes 100 (because I literally just keep clicking, continuously)," says Rowi. "I'm also really picky, the photo has to be just right."

2. But you don't have to overthink it.

"I like mainly posting ‘in the moment’ kind of shots," says Steph. "I don’t really have a certain aesthetic look to my page so luckily I don’t have to plan posts ahead too much!"

3. Most Instagrammers will use the holy grail of photo editing apps.

"1. Facetune (for very subtle touch-ups and whitening backgrounds)

2. Afterlight (to play with contrasts, tones, sharpening, and saturation)

3. VSCO (for the filter)," according to Rowi.


4. It's not easy to build a big following.

"Building a followership in the beginning took a lot of dedication," says Rowi. "I posted consistently and at the right time, I invested in brands I loved and tagged my photos with their products, and I started to understand what my followers wanted to see."

5. But you can kind of see what your audience likes from you, and keep doing that.

"I can see which posts are reaching the most people and which photos people are saving in their collections," says Rowi. "I just try to do it bigger and better each time."

6. Though at the end of the day, it's your own page, and no one else's.

If you're making the kind of content that you genuinely love and enjoy, it'll be way more relatable than faking it for the likes. Knowing what an audience is receptive to "doesn’t mean I’ve stopped posting the things that don’t get much love, it’s my page not theirs!" says Steph.

7. Ring lights are holy grail.

It's basically just a circular light, which you can usually mount your phone in, which gives off a really flattering light for taking selfies.


8. But nothing can beat natural light!

Instagram: @stephclairesmith

If you're taking a selfie, face the window. And it helps to know your angles — spend some time playing around and finding the best framing for your face. Try not to feel self-conscious about it — you can just delete all the bad ones and no one will ever see them!

9. A Bluetooth remote for taking photos makes getting pics of yourself so much easier.

You can get cameras with built-in Bluetooth options, or get a remote for your iPhone.

10. If you get someone else to take your pics, don't be afraid to tell them what to do.

"I normally get them to take a few shots and we see what needs to be changed, whether it's angles, my poses, the distance etc.," says Rowi.


12. And if you're all about spreading messages, think about your caption before you take the pic.

"I encourage everyone to think about what emotion, mood, or energy you’re trying to project through the image," says Sarah. "My page is all about the caption and message. While many people consider their caption an afterthought, I suppose I work backwards, create the caption, and then take an image to suit."

13. FYI, food isn't actually always that pretty.

Instagram: @sarahs_day

"I do try to make it look extra clean and presentable if I know I’m going to be snapping a pic of it," says Sarah. "Instead of mixing my huge nourish bowl all together, I will separate the ingredients into a colour wheel within the bowl for the picture."

14. You have to really keep up with posting regularly in order to grow a following.

"I don't feel any real pressure, but if I want to keep growing I know I should post at least four to five times a week and to stick to my area of expertise," says Rowi.

15. But Insta stories are for posting whatever the hell you feel like.

16. Tag any brands you feature in photos, whether it's clothing, makeup, cafes, or food.

More often than not, the brands will engage with your photos, and it'll help other people find your posts, too!

17. There isn't really a one-size-fits-all approach to doing sponsored content.

"With experience, you learn to know your worth," says Rowi. "There are some guides out there on influencer platforms, but you also need to think about the time and effort that goes behind each post, too."

18. But don't wait for brands to come knocking at your door.

"Some of my best brand relationships are ones where I've gone and pitched myself to them," says Rowi.

19. And finally, just have fun.

Insta can be a great place to connect with people and make friends with the same interests as you. If you just be yourself and let your personality shine through your posts, you'll come across as way more genuine and people will wanna follow you for you.