27 Things From "Friends" That Are So Outdated It Physically Hurts

    When Rachel left a drunk voicemail for Ross instead of some regrettable texts.

    1. When Chandler was the only one who had a laptop and he was super excited about how ~high tech~ it was.

    2. When Ross actually went catalogue shopping and had to call and order something.

    3. When Carol went into labor and Ross found out via his pager.

    4. When Monica and Chandler had to merge their CD collections when they got married.

    5. When Joey was mad at Ross because he taped over an episode of Baywatch with "some show about bugs."

    6. When Rachel gave a guy her ~landline~ phone number but was afraid Ross would pick up the phone when he called.

    7. When Joey bought encyclopedia volume "V" from a door-to-door encyclopedia salesman.

    8. When the gang ran out of gas and they had no clue where they were because GPS wasn't a thing.

    9. And when they had to call Ross on a pay phone for help because they didn't have cell phones.

    10. The fact that when Rachel was looking for a new job she had to send out dozens of résumés because applying for a job online wasn't yet possible.

    11. The fact that Janice could go directly to the ~gate~ to see Chandler off when he went to Yemen without having a ticket or going through security.

    12. When Ross carried around a disposable camera and took this super-outdated selfie.

    13. When Monica invited Will to Thanksgiving and didn't know about his weight loss because Instagram wasn't a thing.

    14. The fact that Chandler could smoke indoors.

    15. And then, when Rachel gave Chandler a hypnosis ~cassette tape~ that would supposedly help him quit smoking.

    16. When Rachel and Monica freaked out because they accidentally erased Ross's answering machine.

    17. When Chandler and Joey accidentally got free porn on their ~television~.

    18. When Rachel didn't have insurance so she posed as Monica and no one at the hospital checked any sort of ID to verify her identity.

    19. When they had to worry about catching a cab right away because they couldn't just call an Uber.

    20. When a blind date was actually a blind date because you couldn't look them up on social media beforehand.

    21. When Ross had to use Rachel and Monica's phone to check his voicemail.

    22. And Rachel had left a drunk voicemail for him instead of some regrettable texts.

    23. Monica's super rich boyfriend Pete was the only one who had video chatting because it was so expensive and new.

    24. Everything about Chandler being trapped in an ATM vestibule with Jill Goodacre and having to borrow her "mobile phone."

    25. When they would sit in their kitchen screening calls because they didn't have caller ID.

    26. When Joey had to use this radio with a tiny screen to watch the Giants football game when he wasn't home.

    27. And finally, the very fact that Ross slept with a girl who worked at "the Xerox place."