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Every High School Stoner Totally Smoked At These 22 Places

It's 4:20...time to go for a walk?

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1. Someone Else’s Car

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Your sister's Chevy Blazer, your boyfriend's Volkswagen, or that random guy's Grand Caravan with awesome string lights, but no seats. Whatever the case, you were definitely camped out in the neighborhood cul-de-sac or a vacant parking lot rollin' a fatty.


4. Your Childhood Bedroom, Mere Feet From Your ~Hopefully~ Sleeping Parents

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Remember sploofs? Don't lie, you definitely blew smoke into a paper towel roll filled with dryer sheets. You couldn't let your parents smell that shit.

5. The Secluded Woods

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We know you creeped into the woods with only one goal in mind. Whether you were propped up in a treehouse or in a secret fort between your friends' houses, there was no better way to ~get with nature~ than with some nature.

7. The Cemetery Late at Night

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It may not have been Halloween, but that didn’t stop you from hanging out with the dearly departed. Let’s just say you were channeling your inner Wednesday Addams or Beetlejuice.


9. A Weekend House Party

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This may or may not have been one of the first places you ever smoked weed in high school. We all had that awkward moment when you couldn't stop coughing during *puff puff pass*.


12. Any High School Dance You Attended

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Call it taboo, but who didn’t smoke weed at a school dance like winter formal or prom? The real challenge was to be discreet enough that you didn’t get caught.

13. Your Friend's Hot Tub or Pool

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For those hot summer days and cold winter nights, you likely floated around at least once while you toked up. Pro tip: Don't be the one to drop the blunt in the water.

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