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    Every High School Stoner Totally Smoked At These 22 Places

    It's 4:20...time to go for a walk?

    1. Someone Else’s Car

    2. The Playground

    3. Under the Bleachers

    4. Your Childhood Bedroom, Mere Feet From Your ~Hopefully~ Sleeping Parents

    5. The Secluded Woods

    6. A Weekend Bonfire at Your Friend's Place

    7. The Cemetery Late at Night

    8. The Beach

    9. A Weekend House Party

    10. Your Friend's Garage

    11. At Your Favorite Band's Concert

    12. Any High School Dance You Attended

    13. Your Friend's Hot Tub or Pool

    14. A Hotel Party

    15. Outside Your Local Theme Park

    16. Your Basement at Home

    17. Before the Ceremony Started on Graduation Day

    18. Under the Bridge

    19. Your Bathroom Shower

    20. Hippie Hill

    21. On the Roof

    22. And Basically Any Abandoned Place Only You Could Find