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The Myth Of The Shadow People

Thousands of people experience sleep paralysis. Some share a similar experience—seeing shadows in the shape of people. What if the scary stories you read on the internet are true?

Jared Sosa 2 years ago

If Choosing Your Barber Were Like "The Bachelor"

It’s one of the hardest things you’ll ever have to do.

Jared Sosa 2 years ago

Mormon Missionary Probz

Mormons catch a lot flack for being Mormon. Mormon Missionaries doubly so.

Jared Sosa 2 years ago
Jared Sosa 2 years ago

Cheating Vs. Emotional Cheating

Sometimes the people who deserve each other aren't with each other.

Jared Sosa 2 years ago

Is The Media The Enemy Of The People?

Keith and Kari talk about Trump’s comments about media being “the enemy of the American people.” BuzzFeed News’ World News Editor, Hayes Brown weighs in.

Keith Habersberger 2 years ago

How To Write A "Hit" Song In A Week

I sat down with music producer Ricky Reed to geek out about writing music. Then I tried to write my own hit song in a week.

Jared Sosa 2 years ago

The Truth About The Obama Touching Melania's Butt Pic

Keith and Kari talk about Obama’s butt touching, Kellyanne Conway’s rise to fame, and some Attorney General shenanigans.

Jared Sosa 2 years ago

Solve This Murder Before The Detectives

Detective Miles and Berk happen upon a classic case of "slipped and broke your neck and died." But Miles suspects there's more to this untimely death.

Jared Sosa 2 years ago

Real Or Fake: Weed At Trump's Inauguration

Keith head there was going to be weed at Trump’s inauguration, so he asks Kari, the head of Video Research at BuzzFeed, to confirm or deny.

Jared Sosa 2 years ago

Single And Indian: Dating

Single & Indian—a short about one young Indian-American woman's struggles navigating dating, work, friendship and her relationship to her mother.

Mark Celestino 2 years ago

Packing For An Indian Wedding

It’s not just a bunch of days… there are also so many dance numbers.

Jared Sosa 2 years ago

13 Ways To Fall In Love

Literally, how many ways can there be to fall in love? When, Paul, your average dating dude gets lucky on Tinder dates but unlucky in love, he enlists his friends to help him with his sex problem.

Jared Sosa 3 years ago

Weird Things New Parents Google

Ain’t no doctor like Dr. Google.

Jared Sosa 3 years ago

Black People Discussed Police Brutality And How It Affects Them

“It was unbelievable in the fact that it wasn’t unbelievable.”

Quinta Brunson 3 years ago

The Anxiety Of Getting Your Prescription Refilled

If you have anxiety you know getting your meds refilled can be anxiety inducing in itself. This video depicts situations and experiences that may cause panic in viewers who have experienced similar events.

Kelsey Darragh 3 years ago

Weird Ways Sisters Annoy Each Other

You love each other... but you also annoy each other.

Quinta Brunson 3 years ago

When Your Periods Sync Up

Blood sisters.

Jared Sosa 3 years ago

Taking Antidepressants For The First Time

There's a lot more to it than what I say in this video but here's what it's kinda like for me.

Jared Sosa 3 years ago

Your Ex Vs. Your New Crush

In this episode of Broke, Paul has a date with Samantha but can’t get over his ex, Christina. Miloh and Mo argue about one dirty dish in the sink.

Quinta Brunson 3 years ago