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    16 "Hereditary" Moments That Basically Sum Up High School

    All hail Principal Paimon.

    Only students know how truly terrifying school can be.

    16. Like the night before the first day of school:

    15. Or when your parents tell you to have a good day and learn a lot:

    14. When the teacher assigns homework over the weekend:

    13. And when you're in the parking lot before school trying to convince yourself that you're fine and not having a break down:

    12. Or when your alarm clock goes off and you wake up knowing that you really have to go through a whole day of school:

    11. That moment before telling your parents you failed a test:

    10. And when you can't solve a math problem and are really considering burning all your homework:

    9. When the prom queen is crowned:

    8. Or when you're trying to study but can't understand a thing the book is saying:

    7. When they make you dissect things in science class:

    6. When your friend asks if you're ready for that test you completely forgot about:

    5. When the fake baby you're taking care of for health class won't stop crying:

    4. How your parents find you after you pull an all-nighter on a really important project:

    3. When you actually know the answer to a question, but the teacher is calling on everyone but you:

    2. When you pull out your phone because you think the teacher's left the room, but your friend's got your back:

    1. And lastly, when you get home from school and your parents ask you how your day was: