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Movies Are Full Of Clichés About Women — And These Are The 10 Worst Ones

No girl in glasses can stand a chance, apparently!

1. First of all, any woman who wears glasses is supposed to be "repressed" or just plain "unattractive."


Like, damn, maybe she's just tryna see??

2. And of course, the minute she takes her glasses off — or lets her hair down, literally — BAM! She's suddenly a certified hottie.

Paramount Pictures

And we're supposed to be like ~omg she was beautiful all along but now it's better~.

3. Basically, whenever a major character's looks "improve," it means her life is about to get better.


Never mind actual personal growth and all of that boring stuff!

4. There's always a makeover sequence. Always.

Paramount Pictures

And all your friends are secretly extremely good makeup artists.

5. If you're a "tough girl," you still have to dress up super feminine at some point to "prove" that you're still an attractive woman.

Warner Bros.

It's not enough that you're a badass FBI agent — you also have to pass for a beauty pageant contestant, apparently.

6. And don't even get us started on how many female characters get turned into sex objects as a matter of "plot development."


How much of this is unnecessary? ALL OF IT.

7. In fact, it looks like the only way women in movies can get some respect is by dolling up and adopting conventional beauty standards.

Walt Disney

Even if she's brilliant, kind, and hilarious already.

8. And they can't even chill out at home without wearing something that's flagrantly sexy.

Sony Pictures

God forbid they wear actual sweatpants!

9. You are either the "hot friend" or the "ugly friend." There's no in-between.


Even when in reality, everyone is played by extremely good-looking actresses lol.

10. Finally, all that self-reinvention is worth nothing unless it gets you what is apparently life's greatest prize — the attention of a dude.

Touchstone Pictures

Sooooo groundbreaking.

This post was translated from Portuguese.

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