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    Monsta X Played With Puppies While Answering Fan Questions And OMG, We're All Dead

    Yeah, you could say we feel a little ~jealousy~ towards the pups, but we're ~all in~ for this adorable concept!

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    If you're a fan of K-pop, you've definitely heard of Monsta X. And even if you haven't, you'll definitely fall in love with their charming selves, especially when they're playing with 🐶adorable puppies🐶 and answering fan questions!


    And if this isn’t the cutest thing we’ve ever seen:

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    1. What concept or music genre would you like to try in the future?


    Kihyun: Rock.

    Jooheon: Jazz.

    Minhyun: Do you know Chet Baker?

    Jooheon: *sings* Yes, I know.

    2. What do you want Monsta X to be remembered for?


    Kihyun: Powerful, energetic.

    Minhyuk: Good singer.

    I.M: A respectable singer.

    Kihyun: Sexy, handsome.

    Shownu: Cool guys.

    I.M: Savage.

    3. How do you feel you've grown as an artist between your first and second world tour?


    Hyungwon: I think our member is more sexy.

    I.M: And more good English, better than last year.

    Kihyun: More smart.

    Jooheon: Personally, I feel like we've grown a lot musically. For the fans, we really want to challenge ourselves.

    4. If you could do a collaboration with any other celebrity, either solo or as a group, who would it be?


    I.M: *starstruck* These puppies. These puppies!

    5. If there's one thing you could change about your past, what would it be?


    Jooheon: Of course I have something I would like to change.

    Minhyuk: Your name?

    Jooheon: No. In certain moments, you have regrets. Everyone has those moments.

    I.M: Present was from the past and the future comes from the present, so I like myself right now.

    Shownu: Yeah, I agree.

    Wonho: Regardless, all those things brought us to where we are now, so they are special memories.

    6. For Jooheon and I.M: What are some of your favorite lyrics that you've written?


    I.M: I like my rap lyrics in "Shine Forever" because we all follow my rap.

    Jooheon: My lyrics in "Destroyer." Like, believe rap. (i.e. "I believe in destiny, I believe in us")

    Sing it with me: "One and only like a holy / I’m fascinated by the bright light of your beauty" ✨✨✨

    7. If you could switch bodies with one member for a day, who would it be and why?


    Kihyun: Shownu. He has a good body.

    Shownu: Thank you. I want Wonho's body. I want abs!

    Minhyuk: You have!

    Shownu: No, just one-pack.

    Minhyuk: Ok...

    8. Do you have any tips on how to dress well like all of you?


    Kihyun: Follow me.

    Minhyuk: NOOO!

    I.M: Unfollow him!

    Kihyun: Follow my outfit, c'mon!

    Minhyuk: Pass! Next question.

    9. If you could be a fictional character from a movie or book for a day, who would you be?


    Kihyun: *imitates British accent* Harry Potter. 100%.

    Jooheon: Twilight. Vampire.

    10. For Shownu: What do you like about being the leader of Monsta X?


    Shownu: I think...I'm just leader. *nods*

    You're doing great, sweetie! 😂

    If you haven't gotten a chance to see Monsta X live while on their "The Connect" World Tour, you can always listen to their songs on Spotify, while waiting for their next comeback (which is reportedly in October!).

    And for more info on how you can adopt these cute AF puppies, as well as their many canine and feline friends in need of homes, hit up North Shore Animal League America!

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