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Marbled Paint Is Mesmerizing To Watch, So We Tried It IRL

As satisfying IRL as it is in videos.

Kirby Beaton • 10 days ago
Kirby Beaton • 11 days ago
Kirby Beaton • One month ago

21 Bookstores And Libraries In Asia That Book Lovers Must See Before They Die

Kiss your TBR pile goodbye, because we're heading to Asia.

Kirby Beaton • One month ago
Kirby Beaton • One month ago

We Tried Extreme Heights Activities In Las Vegas

“We’ve got a defibrillator, so you’re gonna be fine.”

Kirby Beaton • One month ago
Kirby Beaton • One month ago

16 Queer-Friendly Spaces In The US That Aren't Just Bars Or Clubs

Whether you're sober, underage, or just want to try out something new!

Kirby Beaton • 2 months ago

We Ticked Off Items On Our Movie Bucket List

"Basically, I'm becoming my own Barbie."

Kirby Beaton • 2 months ago
Kirby Beaton • 2 months ago

This German Circus Replaced Animals With Holograms And It's Like Something From The Future

Strap on your clown shoes because we're headed to the circus, folks.

Kirby Beaton • 2 months ago

This Movie Theater In Switzerland Is Truly Living In 3019

*wears straight-up pajamas to the movies*

Kirby Beaton • 3 months ago

This Giant Potato Airbnb Has Me Hopping On The Next Flight To Idaho

Unfortunately the house is not filled with mashed potatoes.

Kirby Beaton • 4 months ago

This Guy Used A Dating App To Plan His Vacation And Here's What Happened

Will Ryan find his tropical Tinder true love?

Kirby Beaton • 5 months ago

Worth It Tried A $1,600 Bento Box In Japan, Here's What's Inside

Catch the new Worth It: One Stop episode exclusively ad-free on Amazon now!

Kirby Beaton • 5 months ago

Here's What Happened When We Tried To Eat A 5-Pound Sushi Roll

It's basically a newborn baby made out of sushi.

Kirby Beaton • 5 months ago

Your Zodiac Sign Will Tell You Where To Travel In 2019 And It's Scary Accurate

Your 2019 vacation has been written in the stars.

Kirby Beaton • 6 months ago

So Spark Notes Has An Instagram Account And It's Not What You'd Expect

Why couldn't we have learned Hamlet in meme form?

Kirby Beaton • 7 months ago
Louise Khong • 7 months ago

Book-To-Screen Adaptations We Loved In 2018

From Crazy Rich Asians to A Wrinkle in Time, these were the notable adaptations of the year.

Kirby Beaton • 8 months ago