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His DNA Solved A Century-Old Jailhouse Rape. The Victim: His Grandmother.

Commercial DNA tests showed that Hiram and Bruce were related. But their link proved to be much deeper — and darker — than either could have imagined.

Virginia Hughes 4 months ago

14 People On How They Were Diagnosed With Endometriosis

“I was on my first date with my now-husband and, because I’m an incredibly awkward human, I couldn’t think of anything to talk about except my bizarre menstrual cycle.”

Virginia Hughes 8 months ago

16 Clueless Things People Have Said About Endometriosis, According To People Who Have It

“You should find a man, settle down now, have a few kids, and then get all your plumbing taken out.”

Virginia Hughes 8 months ago

21 Depressing AF Science And Health Stories From 2018

Just another year of climate change, sexual harassment, scientific fraud, and nuclear radiation!

Virginia Hughes 9 months ago

Google’s App Store Has “Disturbing” Kids Games, Groups Warn

“Google doesn’t really have any incentive to clean up its own app store,” said one child advocate.

Virginia Hughes 10 months ago

Here’s What Happened When I Spent Two Weeks Venting To A Relentlessly Positive Chatbot

Enjo is a cheery, cheesy chatbot built on the questionable science of “positive psychology.” So why did I get something out of it?

Virginia Hughes 10 months ago

Manipulative And Distracting Ads Are Ruining Kids Apps, Researchers Say

Prompted by an alarming new study, advocacy groups want the feds to investigate how apps target preschoolers.

Virginia Hughes 11 months ago

Here’s What Critics Say About That Big New Hoax On Gender Studies

The hoaxers say that gender, race theory, and sexuality studies are corrupting academia. Critics say the experiment was itself a biased sham.

Virginia Hughes One year ago

Two Scientists Have Won The Nobel Prize In Medicine For Cancer Therapy

James P. Allison and Tasuku Honjo discovered different ways to unleash a patient’s immune system against cancer.

Virginia Hughes One year ago

Facing Harassment Allegations, Physicist Lawrence Krauss Will No Longer Lead The Prestigious Program He Founded At ASU

The Arizona State University professor has been accused of inappropriate behavior spanning more than a decade.

Virginia Hughes One year ago

Where Did The Yanny/Laurel Recording Really Come From?

Did the viral recording actually come from a human voice, or was it all a marketing stunt? Here’s how an audio geek discovered the truth about the “Frankensound.”

Virginia Hughes One year ago
Virginia Hughes One year ago

A Serial Killer Was Caught Because Investigators Found His Family's DNA On A Website

Experts say it's likely an unprecedented use of the technology, and worry about privacy implications.

Dan Vergano One year ago

University Puts Physicist Lawrence Krauss On Paid Leave While It Investigates Sexual Harassment Allegations

On Tuesday, Arizona State University said that professor Lawrence Krauss is banned from campus while the school investigates allegations revealed in a BuzzFeed News article. The announcement followed Krauss’s resignation from the elite “Doomsday Clock” group.

Peter Aldhous One year ago

He Became A Celebrity For Putting Science Before God. Now Lawrence Krauss Faces Allegations Of Sexual Misconduct.

Lawrence Krauss is a famous atheist and liberal crusader — and, in certain whisper networks, a well-known problem. With women coming forward alleging sexual harassment, will his “skeptic” fanbase believe the evidence?

Peter Aldhous One year ago

17 Depressing AF Science And Health Stories From 2017

Sea ice melted, natural disasters were disastrous, US life expectancy dropped, and the Trump administration lent a sympathetic ear to climate and vaccine deniers.

Virginia Hughes One year ago

Just 26 Pure Eclipse Jokes

WARNING: Do not stare directly into these jokes.

Virginia Hughes 2 years ago

The Science March Was Political. Its Organizers Should Have Embraced That.

Hundreds of thousands of science supporters showed up on Saturday to protest the Trump administration. What they got was a “nonpartisan” nerd parade.

Virginia Hughes 2 years ago

The Color You See “The Dress” Might Depend On When You Wake Up

Two years after The Dress broke the internet, scientists are converging on an explanation: The dress color you see depends on unconscious assumptions about the light shining on it.

Virginia Hughes 2 years ago

The Absolute Best Roundup Of 2016 Science Roundups

The discoveries, people, and photos that mattered to science this year.

Virginia Hughes 2 years ago