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    26 Clever Storage Ideas For When You're Completely Out Of Space

    Just when you thought you couldn't fit any more stuff in your bedroom....

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    1. Swap out your corner shower caddy for a shower curtain liner with mesh pockets that'll be sturdy enough to hold your whole family's products *and* let everything drip dry.

    2. Invest in ceiling-mounted shelves for the garage to store stuff you only need every now and then. Don't worry, these will still leave plenty of room for your garage door opener!

    3. Hang tiny Command hooks on the inside of your kitchen cabinet to cease your measuring cups' nasty reign of hogging precious drawer space.

    4. Pack linens and out-of-season clothes (inside vacuum storage bags) inside luggage...because if that roller carry-on is going to take up space underneath your bed, it might as well do something useful.

    5. Or swap in a pretty trunk set as a nightstand that'll stash a bunch of out of season junk that somehow sits in "the chair" during the off-season.

    6. Make your sink's corner work for its dinner with a corner sponge organizer — it'll fit a surprising amount of dishwashing essentials in such a tiny space.

    7. Put dead space underneath shelves to good use with some slide-on baskets and put pantry stragglers front and center before they can expire.

    8. Customize your kitchen wall storage with moldable glue because you'll never be able to fit that colander in your packed kitchen cabinets.

    9. Place some decorative essentials in the corner with a pretty shelf that can make your space-deprived living place feel cozy, not cramped!

    10. Maxed out your bookshelves? Mount a floating bookshelf as a clever excuse to display your to-read pile.

    11. Squeeze in a tall storage cart between your washer and dryer or an awkward space by your kitchen cabinets. It'll make such a difference!

    12. Free up some kitchen cabinet space with mounted wine racks for a storage solution that'll make getting a post-work pour that much easier.

    13. Loft sports gear in the garage with bike hoists and kayak straps to prevent them from becoming road kill.

    14. Corral all your bedtime essentials with a bedside storage caddy instead of losing everything on your tiny, crowded nightstand.

    15. Bump up your under-bed storage a few *valuable* inches with a light but sturdy frame with 14 inches of room underneath.

    16. Or boost your current bed frame with some adjustable bed risers that'll buy you 3, 5, or 8 inches of extra space.

    17. Load up spare towels, humidity-thriving plants, and more over the toilet with this easy-to-assemble rack.

    18. Coil up extension cords (and other heavy things) and hang them in the garage with heavy-duty bungees so they don't take up valuable cabinet space.

    19. Turn the empty space around a pedestal sink into a vanity where you can stash all the bathroom essentials you'd rather not leave out for guests to ogle.

    20. Store your serious cutlery on a magnetic knife strip (it only looks expensive) instead of that clunky old knife block squatting on your kitchen counter.

    21. Transform a blank stretch of wall space into your garden tool HQ with a wall-mounted rack built to handle cumbersome rakes, brooms, and more!

    22. Maintain order (and squeeze in some more storage) with these medicine cabinet organizers to help prevent a toiletries tumble every time you open the door.

    23. Nestle a mirror/storage shelf into that few inches of space behind a door with this special cabinet that can safely hang on the door hinges.

    24. Keep your "me time" tools on these fishing guard racks you can easily mount on the back of your garage doors. (Talk about an ~exciting~ new door rack!)

    25. Spare some counter space (and prevent soppy mishaps) with a mountable paper towel holder above the sink for easy access.

    26. Find an artful way to store stuff *underneath* your furniture... like the magazines stacked just so in this orderly bedroom scene.

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