Here Are 17 Times Mickey Mouse Was Hidden In Other Disney Movies

    Did you spot a hidden Mickey made out of fruit in Lilo & Stitch?

    1. First, in Cinderella, the bubbles that feature Cinderella's reflection form a Mickey shape:

    2. In A Goofy Movie, Mickey is actually attending the Powerline concert:

    3. In The Little Mermaid, a few bubbles surrounding Sebastian form a hidden Mickey:

    4. And in The Little Mermaid, Ursula's contract that Ariel signs features a familar mouse:

    5. In Ratatouille, when Remy is looking into the kitchen, the stove and pan form a hidden Mickey:

    6. If you look closely, you can spot a Mickey Mouse doll on the bookshelves inside Arendelle Castle in Frozen:

    7. At the very end of Aladdin, the baby cub Rajah quickly morphs into Mickey Mouse before turning into a full-sized tiger:

    8. In Wreck-It Ralph, you can spot Mickey Mouse on a billboard above Litwak's arcade:

    9. In Oliver and Company, Fagan checks the time on his Mickey Mouse watch while awaiting Oliver’s ransom:

    10. In Toy Story 2, you can spot a giant Mickey Mouse watch hanging in Andy's room:

    11. And then, in Toy Story 3, three tires on the playground at Sunnyside form a Mickey shape:

    12. In The Nightmare Before Christmas, one of the children in the real world is wearing Mickey Mouse pajamas:

    13. In Lilo & Stitch, the fruit behind Stitch form a hidden Mickey shape:

    14. In Sleeping Beauty, one of the Fairy Godmothers is eating a Mickey Mouse-shaped cookie:

    15. In The Lion King, when Timon is eating, there's a tiny hidden Mickey on the back of a bug:

    16. In Tangled, Rapunzel's paint cans form a hidden Mickey:

    17. And finally, in Beauty and the Beast, Cogsworth's footprints make a hidden Mickey in the snow:

    Have you spotted a hidden Mickey in a Disney movie? Tell us in the comments below!