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    28 Gorgeous Swimsuits You Need To Check Out While It's Still Summer

    It's still hot out. The sun is out there with sunglasses on, and you're over here picking out a Halloween costume. It's mid-August. It. Is. HOT! Go to the beach! It's not too late! Step away from the fall sweaters!!!

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A colorblock cutie I simply can't believe you haven't bought yet.

    2. An ultra-popular swimsuit that looks good on anyone...especially you!

    3. An outstanding floral swimsuit sure to turn the beach into your own personal runway.

    4. A mismatched bikini for adding some variety to your beach wardrobe.

    5. A nautical swimmie that everyone will ~anchorage~ you to wear all the time.

    6. A strapless band swimsuit you might have thought was just for Instagram models, but who's to say you're not one yourself?

    7. A striped swimsuit that you better bee-lieve is going to look amazing on you.

    8. A simple bikini perfect for running down the beach with your best pup pals.

    9. A zippered rainbow bikini that's gonna look great-ient on you.

    10. A ~cheeky~ knit bikini you'll be over the ~moon~ for.

    11. A backless one-piece that could easily pass as a bodysuit with some shorts or pants.

    12. A rosy one-piece almost guaranteed to make everyone's hearts ~flutter~.

    13. A strappy one-piece you can still get even if you're ~strapped~ for cash.

    14. A one-shoulder option sure to ~ruffle~ some feathers.

    15. A super-cute bikini that won't be a ~tassel~ to put on.

    16. A classic ruched one-piece to help you achieve your pin-up model dreams.

    17. A ruffly bikini you're going to go bananas for.

    18. A deep-V bathing suit that will ~leaf~ everyone speechless.

    19. A scalloped bikini you won't have to ~shell~ out for.

    20. A two-toned swimsuit that will make everyone tongue-tied.

    21. A monochrome one-piece for something that's anything but boring.

    22. A criss-cross bikini we're sure will ~cross~ your mind every day until you get it.

    23. A strappy swimsuit that may never see the water because you'll be too busy posing in it.

    24. A high-waisted bikini with a structured top.

    25. A front-tie bikini that's about to put all of your other swimsuits to shame.

    26. A ruffly monokini to ensure you'll be the hottest thing on the beach (sun included).

    27. A triangle bikini with thick contrasting bands for an exciting pop of color.

    28. And a cat-centric bikini you should order right meow before the summer ends.

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