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21 Tweets You Should Send To Your Significant Other ASAP

"He lets me put my freezing cold feet on his warm body at night, even though he doesn’t enjoy it."

Everyone shows their love a little differently. So when MetroUK journalist Hattie Gladwell recently asked followers to share "one thing your partner does that's not necessarily romantic but makes u love them a bit more," the adorable results ran quite the gamut. Here are some of the relatable responses:

Quote this tweet with one thing your partner does that’s not necessarily romantic but makes u love them a bit more mine runs me a bath every night without asking and puts the kettle on in the morning!


@hatttiegladwell My husband braids my hair before bed because it's very long and curly and tangles in the night.


@hatttiegladwell He slows down how fast he eats so that we finish our meals together: I eat very slowly and get anxious about being the last one still eating at dinner ❤️🤗


He lets me put my freezing cold feet on his warm body at night, even though he doesn’t enjoy it https://t.co/Y1GGi2RWDI


@hatttiegladwell he calls me his wife when talking about me even though we are only engaged and when people ask him what I do for work he says "she basically runs the company" even though I'm the admin assistant. makes my day 😍❤️


He sends me photos of sausage dogs. https://t.co/uy1AHzsqpw


Gives me a foot massage when I force my feet into his hands (if he did this to me I’d be sick) https://t.co/XSyMFeG4gQ


He puts cups of tea on my bedside table so that I can have one when my alarm goes off... (we get up roundabout the same time but his alarm goes off a little earlier). https://t.co/tJrNuPSavp


Mine never assumes I'm making dinner or anything else...and always is appreciates when I do. 💞 https://t.co/C9ksrEVSWr


Checks with me before opening the shutters in the morning - to be sure I'm ready for bright light. #heofwhomiseldomtweet I am not a morning novelist. https://t.co/MCVw7Bibfd


Puts ABBA on when I’m sad https://t.co/ni4PETXQUR


offers to brush my hair cause it’s a nightmare n dives for my inhaler before I even get out a full cough https://t.co/Ak8CTEzEfH


things like making sure i have a bottle of water with me and carrying my things bc she’s strong make me feel so warm and happy https://t.co/J23XOrZaHD


always waits outside the house for me to come home (even if i have keys). makes me eggs. carries my tea up the stairs cos i’m clumsy. calls my bum Betsy https://t.co/TgFZ6JhPWA


He leaves the blinds on one of the windows slightly open so I could see my favourite solar powered fairy lights outside, so cute x https://t.co/BpV4M0T5JU


My partner always knows when I need a break from walking and finds an excuse for us to sit down so I don’t feel embarrassed about not having any stamina just now without ever mentioning it. He always treats me like I’m not sick and that’s the best ☺️ https://t.co/OHeC7VlhAi


travels across the country after working a full shift just to see me for a couple of days ❤️ https://t.co/rQYN5O3Ym9


He checks for traffic online when I'm in a hurry and tells me the best route to take 😁😆😊🤓💜 https://t.co/pCtWzjCQhO


He wakes me up when he thinks I’m having nightmares, and talks me down from whatever weird, f-d up dream I’ve been having. And doesn’t really get into a deep sleep until about 2 am to make sure I’m okay. 💕 https://t.co/4NONtJPXKh


my partner comes with me to my occupational therapy appointments and sees how my therapist does manual massage. whenever i'm really hurting he'll grab my hands and fingers and massage them the way my therapist does. https://t.co/7rh8ui0cYn


@hatttiegladwell I’m a new yoga teacher and he comes to all my classes. Since the beginning and even when nobody else showed up but him he let me practice my teaching skills with him ❤️🙏🏽


He does not exist, thereby giving me all the peace in the world. https://t.co/8QENBhsKpS

So dear readers, we'd love to know in the comments section: what are some unconventionally romantic things your current/former partner has done for you?