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    15 Booze Facts That'll Make You Say, "Really?"


    1. Of all the most common alcoholic drinks, red wine makes you the sleepiest.

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    That's according to a study by BMJ (British Medical Journal), which surveyed 29,000 people about how they felt after drinking wine, liquor, beer, and cider.

    2. Liquor, on the other hand, makes a majority of people feel more confident.

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    It also makes drinkers feel the most ill, according to the same study.

    3. Fried Beer won in the Most Creative category at the 2010 Texas State Fair.

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    The dish consisted of ravioli filled with beer, and fried to crispy perfection. It honestly doesn't sound like the most delicious thing, because who likes warm beer? But the innovation factor is certainly there.

    4. Most rosé wine is made by crushing red-skinned grapes and letting the resulting clear juice sit with the red skin.

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    When the clear juice is left to marinate with the dark red grape skin, it gets stained into a pink rosé color. And as logic would follow, the longer you leave the juice in contact with the red skin, the darker the rosé wine.

    5. Whiskey is actually clear and only gets its brown color after it's barreled.


    The liquor gets 100% of its color from the oak in which it's aged, which is why most whiskeys you drink are some variation of brown.

    6. President John Adams — who lived to 90 years old — drank about a quarter pint of cider every morning.

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    As he wrote in his diary, "I continue my practice of drinking a Jill of Cyder in the Morning and find no ill but some good Effect."

    7. Despite popular belief that Tequila is an upper, Tequila is actually a depressant.


    That's because its active ingredient is Ethanol, a central nervous system depressant.

    8. Grapes used to produce wine are thicker-skinned than the kind you'd find at a grocery store.


    They're also sweeter, softer, and juicier.

    9. The world's most widely consumer liquor is Baijiu, a white grain liquor that hails from China.

    10. Only sparkling wine produced in Champagne, France, can be called Champagne.


    It also must be produced according to strict guidelines, using approved grape varieties and pruning methods.

    11. Oenophobia is the fear of wine.

    So, what's the opposite called? 🤔

    12. During Prohibition, doctors used to prescribe "medical beer."


    Patients were prescribed booze alleviate a number of illnesses, including cancer, indigestion, and depression.

    13. Many McDonald's locations in Europe offer alcohol to go along with your burger and fries.


    Locations in Malta, for example, offer Cisk Lagers.

    14. Death in the Afternoon is a cocktail made with 1.5 ounces of Absinthe and a flute of Champagne.

    15. Most wine shouldn't be aged more than a couple of years (and probably tastes delicious now).


    An easy to remember rule of thumb is that almost any wine that costs $25 or less is meant to be drunk now, and at most, aged up to five years. To which I say, don't mind if I do!