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Tell Us About A Time You Successfully Bullshitted Your Way Through An Interview

Can you talk your way into a new job?

Interviews are the worst, but they're pretty much unavoidable.

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The problem is, no matter how much you prepare, they don't always go as expected. This means you sometimes have to think on the spot.

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Maybe you've made up a completely unbelievable scenario in a bid to show that you're totally capable of overcoming work-related obstacles.

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You might have even oversold your skills.

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Or you've convinced them that you're definitely a people person. With, you know, interesting hobbies.

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And surprisingly, you got the job!

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If this is you, tell us about a time you bullshitted your way through an interview but still got the job. Let us know using the dropbox below, and your contribution could be used in a future BuzzFeed Community post or video!