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    18 Times Hair Colorists Literally Changed The Game

    *pins pixelated hair SMACK 👏 DAB 👏 in the middle of my mood board*

    1. This rainbow light leak:

    2. This pastel-hued afro that looks like the powder people throw during Holi and also Color Runs:

    3. This crinkle-cut fries look:

    4. This hypnotic portrait of Elvis on a literal scalp:

    5. This luscious peach that's deceivingly a head:

    6. This pixelated bob:

    7. This bouncy confetti afro:

    8. These inverted yin-yang buzzcuts:

    9. This hair that makes me kinda dizzy, but in a cool way, I think:


    11. This pigmented yellow hair that I cannot and will not stop staring at:

    12. These warm, pink locks that are literally ART:

    13. This Rubiks Cube-lookin' concept:

    14. This powerful crown 'do:

    15. This gorgeous, doll-like, yarn-esque masterpiece:

    16. This rainbow barcode(...?) moment:

    17. And lastly, these full color spectrum braids: