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    These $10 Gap Covers Solve The Most Annoying Problem With Your Stove

    Never lose food to the gap again.

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    If your kitchen has a gap between the counters and the stove, you know the havoc such a small space can wreak: Sticky spills on the side of the cabinets impossible to clean. Crumbs you have to coax out with a toothpick. Or if the gap's big enough, small pieces of food that tumble into the chasm, never to return.

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    But guess what? It's 2018, we live in the future, and these cheap, useful things called counter-gap covers actually exist to solve that VERY problem!

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    They come in three different colors (black, white, and clear), are dishwasher-safe and easy to wipe clean, won't accumulate fingerprints, and wedge in place so they stay put. Plus you can easily trim them for a precise fit.

    Over 1,600 positive reviewers on Amazon attest to the true effectiveness of these rubbery, heat-resistant silicone covers โ€” and the true peace of mind they bring.,

    "So much easier than pulling the oven out every month to sweep what might have slipped through the cracks. I thought I would have to cut mine to fit but they were perfect already. My counter top is a tad higher than my stove top so the gap cover sits tilted, but amazingly it doesn't slip out (or move around at all). It provides 100% coverage as if the counter and stove were flush.. They are nice and wide, but I can safely use the electric burner right next to it without having to worry about the risk of fire. I also keep burner covers on my stove top when not in use and the gap cover does not interfere โ€” still plenty of room in between! Very easy to clean but not really necessary because nothing seems to stick to the silicone top." โ€”Tara Jones

    "They keep food crumbs from spilling into the narrow (and hard to clean) gap between the counter and the stove. They are easily laid on the gap, stay firm between the counter and stove, and do not slide or skid. Covers the gap perfectly (molds to uneven surfaces). They do not scratch and can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth or warm water and soap. Perfect (and cheap!) solution to keep the stove and oven area clean. I wish I had them long time ago; they look very nice and sleek as well!" โ€”mohammad hossein zarghami

    "I absolutely love these. A few years ago, my husband and I rented a house that had these, and it was the first time we had ever seen them. But these are even better than the pair we had in our rental. Those were white and made of hard, stiff plastic. They didn't conform as well the the counter or the oven. We have a black/stainless steel oven, so these look great with it. The matte finish is nice and classy. These don't look like cheap, chintzy inserts. They actually look really nice. They prevent crumbs from falling between the counter and the oven. They're easy to wipe clean of grease and food. They're flexible and conform well to the counter top and oven. I am extremely happy with this purchase, and I only wish I had found them sooner!" โ€”BRoti

    And they're not only useful for the stove! You can also stick them anywhere gaps in your countertops have become traps for food โ€” like in the small space between your fridge and your counter.,

    "I needed to cover the gap between the counter and refrigerator. This product exceeded my expectations! It shapes and clings to both surfaces. The top matte finish blends beautifully with both surfaces. I had tried another manufacturer; their product was too stiff and wouldnโ€™t hold over the gap." โ€”SLKKrueger

    So if you've been dealing with the dreaded stove or fridge gap, then solve that problem STAT! Get set of two gap covers on Amazon for $9.95+.

    Available in three colors (black, white, and clear) and two sizes (21" or 24" long).

    The reviews in this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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