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    22 Things Guaranteed To Momentarily Intrigue You


    1. This serial number:

    2. These blinds:

    Sethyzir /

    3. This pinky with one knuckle:

    moki69 /

    4. This chess set:

    Brie_M /

    5. This baby announcement for a new fire truck:

    renduh /

    6. This tiny red potato that looks like a heart:

    Jztak7 /

    7. The way this driver puts his cigarette butts in his mirror:

    haras8534 /

    8. This Uber driver going the extra mile:

    RyanRyanReddit /

    9. The way these FBI visitor badges work:

    MO05E /

    10. This coffee stain:

    Cjacksoncnm /

    11. This tomato:

    MaryBagpipes /

    12. The way this dart hit the restart button:

    lil_quake /

    13. The way the wrapping paper fits perfectly:

    14. This parking spot for good boys only:

    plushpillow /

    15. How they built this fence around the tree:

    ksoltis /

    16. These strangers' complementary shoes:

    sweetinfernox /

    17. This rainbow car wash:

    wombatracing123 /

    18. This one hundred trillion dollar bill:

    kyla43 /

    19. This tube-less bike tire:

    drgnpnchr /

    20. This automatic liquor dispensing system:

    Toytacoman ./

    21. This chemistry classroom:

    FizziPop16 /

    22. And this pumpkin-looking habanero pepper:

    thelittlestbishop /

    Check out more at r/MildlyInteresting.

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