21 Gorgeous Natural Haircuts That'll Make You Want To Big Chop All Over Again

    "Lemme get that Amber Rose." —me to my stylist

    1. We feel equally inspired and disrespected by how breathtakingly stunning sis is. HOW DARE SHE?!

    2. *Screenshots to show our stylist this cut AND these brows*

    3. Pink is suddenly our new favorite color.

    4. Spoke too soon! Can neon yellow also be our favorite color?

    5. Do you see how clean this line is tho? DO YOU???

    6. TWA? Check. Face beat? Check. Stylish lenses? Check.

    7. Umkay, we can't tell if she's a doll or just a flawlessly gorgeous human being.

    8. *sigh* Hang her up in the MoMA today pls. Thx, natural girls everywhere.

    9. Speaking of artwork, get 👏🏿 in 👏🏿 to 👏🏿 this 👏🏿 color 👏🏿 blocked 👏🏿 minimalistic masterpieeeeeeece!

    10. It's either a selfie, OR it's a vintage portrait of an Old Hollywood icon.

    11. Finger coils? In PINK? Yes please.

    12. When we say goals this is what we're talking about, FYI.

    13. She looks like what '90s R&B sounds like and we're obsessed!

    14. She should totally be a model. Oh wait, she actually is.

    15. Black girl magic: noun. The way these edges are laid and the way this highlight is sitting in the corners of her eyes.

    16. First of all, who cut her hair? Second of all, who did her lashes? Third of all, can we move to wherever this natural light is?

    17. It's called a haircut, also known as mathematics. The precision, guys, the PRECISION!

    18. Hope she's on the phone w. Rogaine, replacing our edges she just snatched.

    19. This cut and winged liner just made the world a better place.

    20. Who needs hair when your face is this perfect?

    21. *Humbly bows down to this red-haired queen*

    If anyone needs us we'll be locked in the bathroom with the clippers thx!