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24 Times Mother Nature Decided To Just Fabulously Wow Us All

I bow to you, Mother Nature. H/T r/natureisfuckinglit & r/mildlyinteresting

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1. Firstly, Mother Nature gave us this beautifully random combo of a hummingbird's nest on a peach.

rjschwerin / Via

2. And blessed scallops with blue eyes to terrify us.

GallowBoob / Via

3. She also gave us these ~trippy~ trees which look like they're straight out of a painting.

RikatokaSenpai / Via

4. When she gave a dog's paw its own paw-print, we were all honoured.

uwuuwu / Via

5. She was pretty extra when she gave us a cactus that could easily replace the Scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz.

ComeOnToshi01 / Via

6. Mother Nature fucking created a corporate cicada. McDonald's are v lucky.

Tardigradafamilia / Via

7. There's the time she created a fungus that is literally from your nightmares.

whoust / Via

8. The are times when she just wants to scare you witless.

T_P_H_ / Via

9. Just for fun, she created a bubble with the determination to fight a Venus flytrap.

Daeldalus_ / Via

10. Or when she had no chill, and decided to grow mushrooms out of brick walls.

palebeachbabe / Via

11. She was also very nice to allow this alien to live as a rock for the rest of its life.

figyelem / Via

12. Or when she wanted to make everyone hungry by making a broccoli tree.

BDogg242 / Via

13. She really does like to disturb us. Triple bananas are not OK.

BanalPlay / imgur / Via

14. But Mother Nature also likes to bless us with beautifully futuristic ice crystals, so I'm happy.

simplywing / Via

15. She also has demon-tree servants, lurking in forests, which is a bit much, frankly.

Glit-toris / Via

16. And if she doesn't want you going somewhere, she will stop you. Like destroying this bridge via a hurricane — just casual behaviour, yanno.

aryeh95 / Via

17. The level of extra that she's done in this picture is too much.

Magical-Latte / Via

18. Mother Nature also gave us a happy onion. It's most likely happy because it makes us cry.

poker_kid / Via

19. She's also cunningly smart, allowing this caterpillar to disguise itself as bird poop.

ab-absurdum / Via

20. She also gave this cute fella two tails. Adorable.

chemicalyoghurt / Via

21. But she likes to leave slightly intimidating messages too. Like beets that are pretty similar to the human heart.

urlocalcommie / Via

22. She created a perfectly straight lightning strike down a tree – she is perfect.

CobraJackhammers / Via

23. She also made a beautifully straight quartz line down a rock. It's pretty beautiful.

gap343 / Via

24. And Mother Nature likes to remind us that she's absolutely perfect, wonderfully beautiful, and always will be.

akissedstar / Via

H/T r/natureisfuckinglit & r/mildlyinteresting


Oops! The paw in the fourth picture belongs to a dog. An earlier version of this post identified it as a cat's paw.