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    I Have Found My Dream Vacation And It's To Lindsay Lohan's Greek Beach Club

    Take me there.

    Well well well, welcome to a Lindsay Lohan BuzzFeed post. My name is Matt, I will be your tour operator for the next two minutes.

    In case you didn't know, Lindsay Lohan lives in Greece and runs two beach club resorts literally named, "Lohan Beach House."

    Yes, for real.

    The funny thing about the Lohan Beach House is not that it is a Lindsay Lohan run beach club, but that it actually seems amazing.

    Like, this is the water outside the Mykonos location.

    And this is some weird crab calamari thing they serve there. I want that weird crab calamari thing.

    She is loving life!

    Here's a view from above.

    And here's a view right in the thick of things.

    In the Rhodes location they even have hot tubs.

    I'm sorry but I just need to go there to get one of these menus.

    I need to lay on a Lohan branded towel.

    I will eat this food.

    I will get a pizza.

    I will get a fish thing.

    The Lohan Beach House also has actual good reviews on Trip Advisor.

    This person called it "Totally Fabulous."

    But this person called it "Crapy."

    Whatever the case is, it seems like a nice place that people have lots of fun and spend lots of money at.

    Lots and lots of money.

    Like seriously it's expensive but who cares.

    It's Lohan Beach House, bitch. That should be the motto.

    OK I'm done here raving about the Lohan Beach House that I haven't even ever been to but feel like I have because I spent two hours looking at the location tag on Instagram.

    As the official insta said: "The sea awaits at Lindsay Lohan's summer place."

    Sip sip!

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