Blake Lively Is Her Own Stylist And Doesn't Give A Hoot What You Think About It

    And that's THAT on THAT.

    You know what, people? I've gotta admit, I like Blake Lively. First of all, she was great in The Age Of Adeline, and second of all because she seems cool. She's self-aware, which is an admirable but rare quality these days.

    Casen Poynt: Blake Lively posted this pic of her in a recent outfit of hers. It's a plaid suit!

    And she knew that! In fact, her caption acknowledged the abundance of plaid.

    So when this person came for her and her outfit...

    ...Blake did not give ONE. SINGLE. HOOT.

    Yeah, not one hoot was given!!! I mean, this guy got "sir'd" AND "alas'd." DAMN!

    YOU GO BLAKE COCO!!!!! And for the record, Blake Lively could look good in literally a used garbage bag. THAT'S ALL!!!!!!

    h/t commentsbycelebs