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Shia LaBeouf’s New Movie Puts His Whole Career In Perspective

The actor’s autobiographical new film Honey Boy is a heartbreaking reckoning with his own trauma. (Spoilers ahead.)

Scaachi Koul 5 days ago

Why Hasn’t Cancel Culture Come For “It’s Always Sunny”?

Even after 14 seasons, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia continues to be funny, innovative, and deeply offensive. How does a show so politically incorrect survive for so long?

Scaachi Koul One month ago

Justin Trudeau Has Never Been The Progressive Darling You Thought He Was

Do you need more direct proof that Canada is, just like the US, deeply flawed? Behold Justin Trudeau’s multiple instances of blackface and Canada’s miserable election cycle!

Scaachi Koul One month ago

How Did Lauren Duca’s Revolution Backfire?

The viral writer wants to galvanize young people with her new book, How to Start a Revolution. But past controversies — and a new complaint filed by her New York University students — threaten to undermine her message.

Scaachi Koul One month ago

"Friends" Hasn't Aged Well

Friends' 25th anniversary is in September, but here's the thing — this show has always been awful.

Scaachi Koul 2 months ago

I Really Wanted "The Lion King" To Slap

Disney’s newest adaptation of a beloved classic feels wholly unnecessary.

Scaachi Koul 4 months ago

Kathleen Hale Came For Her Goodreads Critic. Then The Internet Came For Her.

Five years ago, Kathleen Hale wrote an essay for the Guardian — about targeting a Goodreads reviewer — that nearly ended her career. Now, she’s back with a new book that some people say never should have been published.

Scaachi Koul 4 months ago

Let Drake Be An Asshole (Please)

Don’t you think we Canadians know Drake is the most annoying Raptors fan? Of course he is! But why do only Americans get to be annoying?

Scaachi Koul 5 months ago

"Aladdin" Is Bad!!!

No one cares about people “ruining” the things we loved when we were growing up — but that doesn’t change the fact that the new Aladdin is objectively terrible.

Scaachi Koul 5 months ago

How To Destroy Your Friends Emotionally With Astrology Memes

Astrology apps like Co–Star label my anxieties and let me drag my friends.

Scaachi Koul 6 months ago

When Did Celebrities Get So Bad At Taking Criticism?

Reviewers and artists work in a complicated, symbiotic relationship. But it’s not a critic’s job to fluff a celebrity’s ego.

Scaachi Koul 6 months ago

Courtney Stodden Knows Exactly What Happened

At 16, Stodden married a 51-year-old man and became the punchline to a creepy tabloid joke. Now, at 24, she’s ready to rewrite her own story — and get a divorce.

Scaachi Koul 7 months ago

Even Lil Pump Can’t Have It All

The 18-year-old rapper’s Instagram flexes about money, drugs, and women have earned him millions of fans. In person, things aren’t quite so fun.

Scaachi Koul 8 months ago

I Can Never Unsee What I Saw At The Oscars

At this year’s Academy Awards, I found two different ceremonies: a beautiful dream inside the theater, and a bleak reality at the lobby bar.

Scaachi Koul 8 months ago

We’re Finally Listening To Lorena Bobbitt. Why Did It Take So Long?

Documentaries that rethink decades-old scandals, like Amazon’s Lorena, are becoming routine. But when will we start extending public empathy in real time?

Scaachi Koul 8 months ago

What Happened To Lindsay Lohan?

A decade after Lohan’s career first unraveled, she's attempting a comeback with Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club on MTV — but we’re still trying to understand exactly what went wrong.

Scaachi Koul 9 months ago

The “90 Day Fiancé” Train Wreck Just Stopped Being Fun To Watch

The price you have to pay for watching 90 Day Fiancé, seemingly, is that you have to admit to yourself that you’re a bad person who likes bad things.

Scaachi Koul 10 months ago

2018 Wore Me The Hell Out

I am usually energized by arguing, by getting aggressive, by putting a name or a face to an enemy, online or otherwise. Not this year.

Scaachi Koul 10 months ago

“You’ve Got Mail” Made The Internet Seem Nice

The 1998 rom-com believed that the internet could be used for something beautiful.

Scaachi Koul 11 months ago

Are You Ready For Sex Robots? Too Bad, They’re Already Here.

With so much sex toy variety at women's fingertips, who really needs an artificial man? For more on this, watch BuzzFeed News' Follow This on Netflix.

Scaachi Koul One year ago