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    This Hair Dryer You've Probably Never Heard Of Is Our Favorite One Under $25

    The lightweight and super-cute Lee Stafford Coco Loco blow dryer is easy on your hair, on the eyes, and on your wallet.

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    Finding the best hair dryer for your hair type can often seem like a shot in the dark.

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    So we decided to test a slew of top-rated blow dryers across all price points to see which work best for thin, thick, curly, color-treated, and textured hair alike (you can find all three our of picks for best hair dryer on BuzzFeed Reviews) — and if you're in the market for a new one, the Lee Stafford Coco Loco is a solid bet at a wallet-friendly price.

    First off, it’s not often you hear people describe using a budget blow dryer with the phrases “beautiful,” “amazing,” and “silky soft” — but the Lee Stafford Coco Loco hair dryer legit had our staff screaming those very words.


    With three heat settings, two airflow speeds, and a cool-shot button, it’s an especially optimal pick for those with thin or dry hair, or anyone concerned with preventing heat damage. As for this blow dryer’s quirky name, you can credit its coconut oil-infused grille (yes, coconut oil, the cult-status cure-all oil that millennial shopping lists are made of). In addition to more recent studies touting its antioxidant properties and possible connection to preventing Alzheimer’s, coconut oil has been used for centuries for its moisturizing capabilities. We love a multipurpose oil!

    While this hair dryer isn’t going to take the place of, say, a moisturizing treatment, many who've used it — particularly those with curly hair — agreed that their hair did indeed appear softer, shinier, smoother, and healthier after using it. The only place where it falls short is its lack of an included diffuser, so if you've got curly or textured hair, make sure you have a compatible one on hand to help manage your gorgeous locks. (Here’s an affordable diffuser we can recommend.)

    The coconut oil–infused grille is said to last two to three years, but ultimately this depends on how often you use the hair dryer. Once the oil is used up, it can’t be replaced, but you’ll still have a pretty powerful dryer on your hands — and that’s a damn good run for $25.


    At 1.2 pounds, the Coco Loco is just as easy on the arms as it is on the eyes, with its pearlescent pink hue and rose-gold accents! But don't let its pretty exterior fool you; this thing is a little powerhouse, and it provides a smooth, healthy finish for a range of hair textures. On average, all of our testers (including those with thick and curly hair) experienced an impressive dry time of under 15 minutes.

    One caveat worth noting, however: Compared to other hair dryers at similar price points, the Coco Loco is quite loud, so those with light-sleeping roommates and partners, beware! But what it lacks in indoor voice it more than makes up for in efficiency.

    And unsurprisingly, Amazon customers adore this thing too!

    "Naturally my hair is about 18 inches long and very thin. After using the Coco Loco Lee Stafford blow dryer for 10 minutes at medium temperature, my hair definitely had more volume; it felt soft, and was frizz-free! In regards to the noise, it isn't as 'quiet' as I thought, but that wasn't as important to me as the total time it took for my hair to be done. I believe it's a good investment for busy professionals." —Yessica Annabel

    "I was nervous because of the price point but I love this hair dryer. Dries my thick, shoulder-length hair quickly. Don't be fooled by how pretty it is, it works!" —Samantha Kinman

    "I adore this blow dryer! Although it did not come with a diffuser, I had to purchase one. My hair type is between an Afro and curls so I wanted to try out a diffuser to bring my curls to pop. So, I purchased a Xtaca Black Orchid Hair Diffuser. Let me just say this, it does not fit this specific dryer but I didn't want to go through the hassle of purchasing a different hair dryer or diffuser so I had to bring tape and scissors to do the work. Surprisingly it worked! Now I can enjoy both outstanding products." —Kaseebe Point du Jour

    "Powerful. My hair dries quicker with this blow dryer than my other non-professional dryer. My hair feels healthier too and I've only been using for a week. You can't beat the price either — I'm hoping it lasts a long time, but I'd def buy this again!" —Miss Leary

    Go on and let your hair live its best already. Get it from Amazon for $24.99.

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