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    Here's What The Cast Of "To All The Boys I Loved Before" Were Doing Before The Movie

    Did you know that Noah was in the music video for Camilla Cabello's Havana?

    There's a high chance you've already watched or heard about To All The Boys I've Loved Before by now. Here are what the main cast were doing before this super cute film.


    If you haven't, then you ~must~ go watch it now!

    Lana Condor (Lara Jean)

    Netflix / 20th Century Fox / Via

    Before Condor landed the main role in TATBILB, she acted in High School Lover, where she played the fun, devoted friend. Lana made her film debut as Jubilee in X-men: Apocalypse and has since been in Patriots Day.

    Fun fact: Condor's birth name is Tran Dong Lan.

    Noah Centineo (Peter K)

    Netflix / ABC Family

    Before his leading role in TATBILB, heartthrob Centineo, played Jesus Adams Foster in The Fosters and was subsequently nominated for a Teen Choice Award.

    Fun fact: He was also in the music video for Camilla Cabello's Havana.

    Janel Parrish (Margot)

    Netflix / Freeform

    If you're into your teen dramas, you'll recognise Parrish from a well known series called Pretty Little Liars. She portrayed the ever-so scheming Mona and is expected to appear on the spin off called The Perfectionists.

    Fun fact: Her first credited role was a two episode stint on Baywatch as Hina, all the way back in ''99.

    Anna Cathcart (Kitty)

    Netflix / Disney

    Before she became the the meddling, sweet younger sister of LJ, Cathcart landed the role of Tween Drizella in Once Upon a Time, starring in it for two episodes. She was also in a Disney film called Descendants 2.

    Fun fact: Cathcart is set to appear in Descendants 3, which is going to be released in 2019.

    Andrew Bachelor (Greg)

    Netflix / Vine / King Bach

    If you think you recognise him from somewhere then it's probably because you might have seen him back when Vine was still up and running. He has also been in The Mindy Project and Workaholics.

    Fun fact: Bachelor, who goes by the alias King Bach, was once the most followed person on Vine.

    Trezzo Mahoro (Lucas)

    Netflix / Syfy

    Before he was cast as one of Lara-Jean's ex-crushes and best friends, Mahoro played Mohamad in Van Helsing, for 21 episodes.

    Fun fact: Both Trezzo and his TATBILB co-star, Madeleine, were in a few episodes of The X-Files and The Magicians.

    Madeleine Arthur (Chris)

    Netflix / Universal Cable Productions

    LJ's other bestie, Chris, had other roles before this one. Madeleine played minor roles in Supernatural and Legends of Tomorrow.

    Fun fact: She's playing the starring role in upcoming film called Tell Me Why I Don't Like Mondays, which is set to begin filming this August.

    Emilija Baranac (Gen)

    Netflix / The CW

    If you're a Riverdale fan, you'll know that Baranac portrayed Midge Klump in it. She was also in a few episodes of Beyond, and in the thriller, Deadly Sorority.

    Fun fact: Both her parents were born in Serbia, and although she was born in Canada, her first language is Serbian.

    John Corbett (Dr. Covey)

    Netflix / New Line Productions

    Before TATBILB, Corbett had starred in a few romcoms such as My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 and I Hate Valentine's Day, where he played the love interest of Nia Vardalos. Though, he's most known for playing Aidan in Sex and the City.

    Fun fact: He has been a licensed hairstylist since 1986.

    Again, if you haven't seen the film, I urge you to watch it because it's just too adorable!


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