17 Things Anyone Who's Slightly Addicted To ASMR Will Know

    ASMR & chill, anyone?

    1. You find yourself constantly trying to explain to your friends what ASMR is.

    2. And most of the time you're just trying to convince everyone that it's really, really, relaxing, and not AT ALL sexual.

    3. You definitely have your favourite triggers.

    4. And you probably have your favourite videos that you watch over and over again...

    5. ...But there are probably a few that you've never seen the end of, no matter how much you want to.

    6. Speaking of which, drifting off to ASMR is the ultimate key to getting a relaxing nights sleep.

    7. But you might have the slight worry that someone in your house will see your screen whilst you're asleep, and be very confused.

    8. YouTube adverts are literally the ~worst~ things ever.

    9. And it's probably crossed your mind that if someone were to shout in a video you're watching, it'd probably ruin your hearing forever.

    10. You've developed an excellent sense of hearing when it comes to random household objects.

    11. And it's pretty fun when there's unintentional ASMR in your everyday life.

    12. There's no doubt that your Instagram Explore page is filled with slime videos.

    13. And your YouTube homepage probably looks something like this:

    14. You're kinda suspicious of clickbaity titles.

    15. It's really exciting when one of your favourite ASMRtists becomes a meme.

    Romeo drinking the poison because he thought Juliet was dead

    Because it gives you hope that others will become ASMR lovers.

    16. But nothing is better than discovering that one of your friends is also into ASMR.

    17. And finally, the tingles are the best thing ever.