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    15 Japanese High School Movies You'll Wish You Knew About Sooner

    They'll surely give you all the feels.

    1. From Me to You (2010)

    Nippon TV

    A girl who is feared by her classmates for looking like Sadako from The Ring is befriended by the popular boy in school. Romance ensues!

    2. One Week Friends (2017)

    Alcon Entertainment

    A second year high school student named Yūki becomes friends with a shy, isolated student named Kaori. Every week, Kaori forgets who Yūki is (along with the rest of her friends), but he works hard to make her happy and befriend her each week in spite of this.

    3. Orange (2015)

    Toho Co., Ltd.

    After receiving a mysterious letter with advice from her future self, a girl and her friends work to become better people and stop her biggest life regret from happening.

    4. Wolf Girl and Black Prince (2016)

    ‎Shinzō Matsuhashi

    When high school student Erika Shinohara feels left out of her clique for not having a boyfriend, she makes up a pretend one to tell her friends about. Erika uses a photo of a random guy on the street to back her story up, but as it turns out... he's the most popular guy at their school!

    5. Blue Spring Ride (2014)

    NA Viz Media

    After losing touch with her middle school love, Yoshioka Futaba is reunited with him again in high school, but he's much different than she remembered.

    6. Hanamizuki (2010)

    Chubu-nippon Broadcasting Company

    Yui Aragaki, a young girl studying for her college entrance exams, tries to maintain a long-distance relationship with Tôma Ikuta, an aspiring fisherman who hopes to follow in the footsteps of his father and grandfather.

    7. Love.Com: The Movie (2006)

    Tohokushinsha Film Corporation

    A girl who's unusually tall meets a man who has height challenges of his own. They bond over their shared anxieties and fall in love.

    8. Say I Love You (2014)

    NA Kodansha USA

    After a traumatic childhood accident, Mei is unable to make friends or find a boyfriend. After accidentally injuring the most popular kid in school, they develop a friendship and ultimately fall in love.

    9. ReLIFE (2017)

    C&I Entertainment

    A 27-year-old man named Arata who can't hold a steady job is offered the opportunity to become a tester for ReLIFE. Through this scientific experiment, he'll appear 10 years younger, which will allow him to go back to high school and fix the things that went wrong in his youth.

    10. Heroine Disqualified (2015)

    Takuya Ito

    When Hatori's childhood friend (and crush) gets a girlfriend, her world is thrown for a loop.

    11. Strobe Edge (2015)

    ‎NA Viz Media

    Kinoshita Ninako confesses her love for her friend Ren, even though she knows he has a girlfriend. He rejects her and they agree to remain friends. The ending is so good, you'll be hooked!

    12. Peach Girl (2017)

    Fine Entertainment

    A beautiful high schooler named Momo Adachi is subject to rumors about her sexual promiscuity at school. Little does she know, her best friend is the one spreading this gossip.

    13. Closest Love to Heaven (2017)

    Michael Landon Productions

    Ninon Okamura, a high school student with very few friends, befriends her nextdoor neighbor after she learns he only has one year left to live.

    14. L.DK (2014)

    NA Kodansha USA

    Shūsei Kugayama, the "prince" of his high school, moves into fellow student Aoi's flat after a kitchen fire. In order to keep his reputation, they must keep their cohabitation a secret.

    15. High School Debut (2011)

    NA Viz Media

    A girl who focused all her energy on sports in middle school decides to shift her focus to finding a boyfriend now that she's in high school. Popular student Yoh Komiyama agrees to coach her... as long as she doesn't fall in love with him.