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Tell Us Which TV Show Went On For Way Too Long

What show should have just ended in its prime?

There's nothing better than finding a TV show you love. But there's nothing worse than when that show loses its charm by going on for too many seasons.

It could be something that should have ended in its prime, like The OC which started off as something fresh, charming and original but went downhill after season three when writers apparently ran out of ideas and began creating zany and unrealistic plots — the pinnacle of which was Marissa's death.

Or it could be How I Met Your Mother, the final season of which was widely hated for having 22 episodes centred around Robin and Barney's wedding — only for them to divorce in the finale — and feature an episode written entirely in rhyme.

Or it could be something like It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia that's been on for so many years you'd like to see a finale and storylines wrapped up once and for all.

Whatever it may be, tell us the show you feel went on for far too long and the reason why, using the DropBox below.

The best responses will be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post or video!