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Britain’s Charity Regulator Will Grill WWF Over “Appalling Atrocities”

“The appalling atrocities and human rights abuses that have been alleged here are at odds with everything we associate with charity.”

Tom Warren • One month ago

An Inquest Into A Russian Whistleblower’s Death Has Found No Evidence Of Murder After A Bungled Police Investigation

“There is nothing that points specifically toward poisoning,” the judge said, but “equally, there is nothing specific that points away from poison.”

Jane Bradley • 4 months ago

These Shell Companies Show How Easy It Still Is For Suspected Money Launderers to Operate in Britain

“This adds to the growing evidence that UK companies are being used to aid financial crime on an industrial scale.”

Jane Bradley • 8 months ago
Jane Bradley • 8 months ago

“Overly Aggressive” Prosecution Of Vulnerable Women For False Rape Claims Could Deter Victims From Reporting Assaults, MPs Have Warned

“No victim should be too scared to come forward to report a rape because of the fear of ending up in jail themselves.”

Jane Bradley • 9 months ago

Hundreds Of Women In The UK Have Been Prosecuted For Lying About Rape

It’s not uncommon for judges to call these women “wicked”; one male judge said a convict had “betrayed the sisterhood”.

Katie J.M. Baker • 9 months ago

The UK Government Is Trying To Block An Inquest Being Told Whether A Russian Whistleblower Worked With British Intelligence

The inquest into Alexander Perepilichnyy's death was told the home secretary had decided disclosure would cause "serious harm to one or more matters of public interest”.

Jane Bradley • 10 months ago

Victims Of Trafficking Were Refused Free Legal Advice Because The Government Got The Law Wrong

"The government's cruel decision to deny legal aid for trafficking victims created unnecessary suffering and distress."

Jane Bradley • 11 months ago
Jane Bradley • 11 months ago
Richard Holmes • 12 months ago
Richard Holmes • 12 months ago

The UK Refused To Raid A Company Suspected Of Money Laundering, Citing Its Tory Donations

“It is of note that they are the biggest corporate donor to the Conservative party led by Prime Minister Theresa May and donated 1.25m Euros to the Prince Charles Trust.”

Heidi Blake • One year ago

Key Evidence Disappeared From Police Custody During Investigation Into Russian Whistleblower's Death, Court Hears

Police gathered evidence of mysterious business deals, threats, and links to a Kremlin-linked money laundering case from Alexander Perepilichnyy’s computer. Then that evidence vanished.

Jane Bradley • One year ago

Russian Whistleblower Fell Ill After Eating “Bad” Food The Night Before His Death, Secret Lover Tells Inquest

A tense dinner. Bad food. Vomiting back at the hotel room. Scenes from Russian whistleblower Alexander Perepilichnyy's last night alive, as the woman he spent that evening with finally told authorities her story after being tracked down by BuzzFeed News.

Jane Bradley • One year ago

The Secret Lover Of An "Assassinated" Russian Whistleblower Will Testify At His Inquest After BuzzFeed News Tracked Her Down

The UK inquiry into the death of Alexander Perepilichnyy on British soil will hear key evidence from the woman he met secretly on the eve of his death. She was asked to testify only after BuzzFeed News tracked her down in Paris.

Jane Bradley • One year ago

The US Death Of Putin’s Media Czar Was Murder, Trump Dossier Author Christopher Steele Tells The FBI

The author of the famous Trump dossier provided a secret report to the FBI asserting that RT founder Mikhail Lesin was bludgeoned to death by thugs hired by an oligarch close to Putin. Three other sources independently told the FBI the same basic story, contradicting the government’s finding that Lesin’s death was accidental.

Jason Leopold • One year ago

A Former Russian Spy Is Critically Ill In The UK After Being Exposed To An Unknown Substance

Former Russian intelligence officer Sergei Skripal and a woman reported to be his daughter were found unconscious in the English city of Salisbury on Sunday. Police said counterterrorism resources are involved in the investigation.

Patrick Smith • One year ago

MPs Call For Change After BuzzFeed Reveals Hidden Homeless Slaves

"It’s shocking that we can walk down the street and not know that this is happening, that it’s hiding in plain sight."

Jane Bradley • One year ago

Inside Britain's Hidden Homeless Slave Trade

Recruited from soup kitchens and street corners with the promise of cash, drugs, or drink. Locked in squalid conditions, beaten, and forced to work brutal shifts to pay spiralling debts. A BuzzFeed News investigation reveals how hundreds of Britain’s homeless people are being trapped into modern slavery – and Theresa May’s flagship anti-trafficking initiative is failing to protect them.

Jane Bradley • One year ago

The Last Two ISIS "Beatles" Have Been Captured, Report Says

Two members of the notorious ISIS cell known as the "Beatles", first unmasked by BuzzFeed News, have been captured in Syria.

Jane Bradley • One year ago