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Immigration Officers Will Collect DNA From Undocumented Immigrants Under A New Trump Administration Proposal

Advocates for immigrants and civil liberties argue that the government should not draw sensitive personal information from people who are not tied to a specific crime.

Hamed Aleaziz One day ago

A Mexican Immigrant In ICE Custody Died After Officials Waited More Than Seven Hours To Transfer Him To A Hospital

"This is a horrible breach of standards of care," one public health expert said.

Hamed Aleaziz 4 days ago

A Cuban Asylum-Seeker Died Of An Apparent Suicide After Spending Months In ICE Detention

"He told me he was going to participate in a hunger strike because of the abuse he endured in detention," his wife told BuzzFeed News.

Hamed Aleaziz 5 days ago

Asylum Officers Are Urging A Court To Strike Down Trump's Asylum Ban And Saying It "Rips At The Moral Fabric Of Our Country"

The officers tasked with carrying out the Trump administration's policies at the border say the virtual ban "defies our nation’s asylum laws."

Hamed Aleaziz 6 days ago

Acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan Is Stepping Down

McAleenan was the fourth person to serve as DHS secretary under Trump. His departure is the latest in a string of exits at the agency reshaping the nation's immigration system.

Hamed Aleaziz 10 days ago

A Judge Blocked Trump’s Plan To Deny Green Cards To Immigrants Who Use Public Benefits

The preliminary injunction is the latest in a long line of court decisions stopping the Trump administration from enforcing sweeping immigration changes.

Hamed Aleaziz 11 days ago

Immigration Officials Are Pushing A Proposal To Add A New Fee For DACA Recipients And Charge For Asylum Applications

The proposal would make the US just the fourth country in the world to charge for an asylum application, joining Iran, Fiji, and Australia.

Hamed Aleaziz 11 days ago

Trump Will Block Visa Applicants Who Cannot Prove They Can Get Health Insurance

The move appears to be the latest front in the administration’s extensive efforts to restrict immigration to the US.

Hamed Aleaziz 17 days ago

A Former Immigration Chief Who Was Forced Out By Trump Is Returning In A New Role

“It’s like having your ex over for holidays with your new in-laws," an administration official told BuzzFeed News. "Super awkward.”

Hamed Aleaziz 19 days ago

A Man From Cameroon Has Died In ICE Custody In San Diego

The death is the first in ICE custody in the new fiscal year, which began Tuesday.

Hamed Aleaziz 20 days ago

The Trump Administration Plans To Collect DNA Samples From Some Undocumented Immigrants Who Are Being Detained

The DNA results could then be placed into a nationwide database that contains millions of other profiles for hits on potential previous criminal activity, officials say.

Hamed Aleaziz 20 days ago

The Trump Administration Is Considering A Proposal That Could Make Asylum Tougher For Unaccompanied Children

The Department of Justice draft regulation could be the latest attempt by the administration to deter unaccompanied minors from crossing the border.

Hamed Aleaziz 20 days ago

A Judge Has Blocked The Trump Administration's Plan To Speed Up Deportations For More Immigrants

The order takes effect immediately and DHS won't be allowed to enforce the policy as the appeals process moves forward.

Hamed Aleaziz 24 days ago

The Trump Administration Is Slashing The Number Of Refugees Allowed In The US To An All-Time Low

The US plans to cap the number of refugees allowed in the country to 18,000, a drastic reduction from the 110,000 allowed under the Obama administration.

Hamed Aleaziz 25 days ago

Immigration Officials Want To Change References Of "Foreign National" To "Alien" In A Policy Manual

“At a time when USCIS faces historic and still-growing backlogs, it’s disturbing that the agency is using its limited resources to carry out what appears to be an anti-immigrant messaging campaign.”

Hamed Aleaziz 26 days ago

The Trump Administration Is Considering Details Of A Plan To Potentially Send Asylum-Seekers To Dangerous Countries

A draft interim rule is circulating that could lay out how previously unclear “safe-third country agreements” work. If implemented, asylum-seekers could be sent to Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador.

Hamed Aleaziz 26 days ago

The Trump Administration Has Created A Central American Barrier For Asylum-Seekers With A New Honduras Deal

Honduras is the third Central American country through which asylum-seekers will first have to apply for asylum before appealing to the United States.

Adolfo Flores 27 days ago

The Trump Administration Signed An Agreement That Could Force Asylum-Seekers To Ask For Refuge In El Salvador

The agreement is the latest attempt by the Trump administration to decrease the number of asylum-seekers showing up at the US border.

Adolfo Flores One month ago

Ken Cuccinelli Wants The Power To Reveal The Personal Information Of Refugees And Asylees Who Are Accused Of Crimes

USCIS has previously said releasing such information could lead to “retaliatory measures by government authorities or non-state actors.” Cuccinelli said in a memo he wants the ability for “prosecutions involving crimes pertaining to national security or public safety.”

Hamed Aleaziz One month ago
Hamed Aleaziz One month ago