The first asylum-seeking Central American families — five families made up of four women, one couple, and 10 children — were sent back to Mexico from the US on Wednesday.

Hamed Aleaziz • 16 hours ago

“It has become so emotionally brutal and exhausting that many people I know are leaving or talking about finding an exit strategy,” said one immigration judge. “Morale has never, ever been lower.”

Hamed Aleaziz • One day ago

The rapper, whose real name is She’yaa Bin Abraham-Joseph, is still going through deportation proceedings.

Hamed Aleaziz • One day ago

“This record high number results entirely from the draconian enforcement policies of the Trump Administration."

Hamed Aleaziz • 3 days ago

The US agrees that a so-called “red notice” from Interpol isn’t an arrest warrant and can often be abused. Yet ICE used the existence of one as the reason to detain a mother from El Salvador.

Hamed Aleaziz • 18 days ago

A US official critical of the policy said it would lead migrants to “revert to sneaking in rather than going to ports of entry” and cause “more deaths in the desert.”

Hamed Aleaziz • 21 days ago

One USCIS official said the directive was puzzling. “If they want to stop people from talking to the press, they got to stop being so scandalous.”

Hamed Aleaziz • 22 days ago

Jilmar Ramos-Gomez also was carrying a driver’s license and military ID, said the ACLU, which wants to know how he ended up in ICE custody for three days.

Hamed Aleaziz • 22 days ago

The Kent County Sheriff's Department says it will no longer honor ICE requests to hold a prisoner unless a judge has signed a warrant.

Hamed Aleaziz • 27 days ago

Although the family separation policy became public in 2018, a new report reveals the government was actively separating children from summer 2017.

Amber Jamieson • 28 days ago

“This is what immigration enforcement has come to in this country.”

Hamed Aleaziz • 29 days ago

“It was terrible. There was a court order saying don’t deport him and they deported him,” said an attorney representing Iraqi immigrants in a lawsuit against ICE.

Hamed Aleaziz • One month ago

ICE has likely run out of money to pay for detention space, potentially violating a law that could require the release of some immigrants and constrain enforcement.

Hamed Aleaziz • One month ago

President Donald Trump delivered a national address about the southern border. Here is the reality.

Adolfo Flores • One month ago

White House counselor Conway said Sanders made “an unfortunate misstatement” when her stats were off by 3,994 people.

Talal Ansari • One month ago

When your community lives in fear every day, warning it about an upcoming ICE raid is really all you can do, Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf tells BuzzFeed News.

Hamed Aleaziz • One month ago

Kirstjen M. Nielsen also blamed an increase in families illegally crossing the US–Mexico border for pushing the immigration system "to a breaking point."

Amber Jamieson • One month ago

The announcement is a massive shift in immigration policy.

Hamed Aleaziz • One month ago

“This ruling will save lives,” said an attorney with the ACLU who argued the case.

Hamed Aleaziz • One month ago

In a letter to Customs and Border Protection, senior Democrats said the closed-door testimony raised questions about whether the administration is obeying the law.

Hamed Aleaziz • One month ago