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Whoa, This Huge Grocery Chain Is Banning All Plastic Bags

Time to bust out the tote bags.

If you went to a grocery store this week, you probably left with a flimsy plastic bag or two to carry your food in. Well... That practice may be about to change in many locations.

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Today, the nation's second largest grocery store, Kroger, announced that it will ban single-use plastic bags from all its stores by 2025.

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After Walmart, Kroger is the country's second largest grocery store by retail revenue. And FYI, it doesn't just go by the Kroger's name. If you've been to Harris Teeter, Fred Meyer, or Ralph's, then yes, you've shopped at a Kroger-owned store. And they'll all be banning single-use plastic bags too.

According to their press release, the chain will be replacing all plastic bags with reusable bags by 2025.


The first chain to implement the new practice will be Washington-based QFC, who will complete the transition by 2019.

"Customers [will be able to] purchase reusable bags, priced between $1-2, in our stores. Free brown paper bags also remain a choice, but the goal is to fully transition to reusable bags," a Kroger rep told BuzzFeed Food.

People have mixed feelings about the news.

Most people are pretty enthused about the move toward a cleaner environment.

Many, in fact, are wondering whether the 2025 timeline can be expedited:

...Since seven years does sound like a long time:

Some don't know what they'll do without their single-use bags:

...And are unsure how they'll pick up their doggie poop going forward, lol:

  1. What do you think about Kroger's single-use plastic bag ban?

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What do you think about Kroger's single-use plastic bag ban?
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