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    These Cool Family Tree Charts Would Make An Amazing Gift

    Fill in names as you discover them for a family heirloom that'll be treasured for generations!

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    Families come in all shapes and sizes, and are connected in all sorts of lovely ways because life is beautiful.

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    In that spirit, discovering more about your genealogical family is SO HOT RN thanks to ancestry-tracing online services, mail-order DNA kits, and just generally digging around for all kinds of info!

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    Cheers for the treasure trove of public documents that can reveal all kinds of stuff like birth certificates, marriage licenses, draft cards, and more!

    Seriously, my mom has two accordion folders of copied documents to fill in our family tree and she's a lil' obsessed. (I encourage it.) For example, my ancestor's death certificate and some court documents about my ancestor's widow selling off his belongings confirmed that his neighbor did indeed murder him like I read in a local folk story. Documentation! (However, the jury is still out on whether people actually still see the ~ghostly~ flashing knife where stabbing happened.)

    But what to do with all that newly unearthed knowledge on your ancestry — besides starting some interesting dinnertime discussions? Well, filling out a beautiful family tree poster is something you can treasure starting ASAP.

    As you can see, this chart is perfect for display alongside those heirloom photographs from back before people used to smile in pics!

    This chart (from Amazon's Handmade section, btw) holds up to six generations with blank spaces so you (or the lucky recipient!) can fill in all the info.

    I mean, how wonderful would this be at a family reunion?! AND you get two, so you have a backup in case you mess up!

    But don't take my word for it! Check out the charming customer reviews:,

    "These are Christmas presents for my kids and I am 100% pleased. I of course messed up, so good thing I had an extra. This means I can use the messed up one as a tester for colors and different pens to see exactly what I want. I have experienced no bleeding of ink at all!!! Also to address the small top generation writing area: This didn't shock me at all because that's how these charts just are. I didn't have a whole lot of trouble writing in them. I put the last name on the line and the first and middle name above the last. Also after screwing up I decided to draw a basic wheel and put the names and just the birth/death years so I can look at my sketched out chart before entering any info. This way it's the same format and I can follow it easier." —Mel Kass

    "The paper is fantastic, the graphic/print is perfect. I gave my sister-in-law my niece's almost finished (minus her side) at the baby shower and I've got to be honest, it was the envy of all the gifts!! This is different from other family trees I've found and goes with many home decor themes. I prefer to use a fine gel black ink pen to write on it and have found that with a fine pen it fits most names." —Katie T.

    "Two pages came in a tube. The quality seems good — I'm not an expert, but it met my expectations! It can be tough to fit info in the smaller boxes but I did it. This is a very nice print with the details all around the tree. I filled it out and took it to FedEx where I had it laminated for a low cost. It turned out really well and I am very pleased with the purchase. Note that the chart is not in a standard frame size." —LM

    Oh hey, and they come in two paper options so you can find the *perfect* match for your home.

    In need of a picture frame to display your beautiful roots? Here are some 19" x 13" options in white or antique styles.,

    Get them from Amazon: white frame for $34.95 or antique-style frame for $34.99+ (available in seven styles)

    So grab a pair of family tree charts from Amazon for $22.35 and prepare to share them with current and future generations!

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    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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