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    17 Infuriating Photos Of Grocery Stores That Are Honestly Just Unforgivable

    As if grocery shopping weren't bad enough already.

    1. This grocery store that marks up $2 bags of chips to $2.99, only to then discount them to $2.49:

    macintoshx11 / Via


    2. This store's tile floor that turns every shopping cart into a rattling noise machine:

    JiggedyJam / Via

    3. These individually shrink-wrapped oranges that create of a ton of plastic waste:

    Hockeytruck87 / Via

    4. This HUUUGE discount:

    visionarygirl / Via

    5. And this markup disguised as a good deal:

    majingrim / Via

    6. This imprecisely defined express lane that shoppers definitely abuse:

    Bottomsup99 / Via

    7. And this aisle marker that's sooo helpful πŸ™„:

    ranijmartin / Via

    8. This store that calls itself the "king of low prices" but charges a 10% fee on marked down mac 'n' cheese:

    TheMadvillain365 / Via

    9. This grocery store that removes manufacturer coupons before putting items on the shelf:

    LTS55 / Via

    10. This store's green bananas that won't be ripe for at least a week:

    3lectricboy / Via

    11. This incredibly long receipt for...two doughnuts:

    ZombieLibrarian / Via

    12. This store that labels tomatoes as if they're collectors items:

    Twitter: @Dinasia_ / Via Twitter: @Dinasia_

    13. All the grocery stores that use tape instead of twist ties, making bags impossible to reseal:

    giantspeck / Via

    14. This perfectionist's nightmare:

    Shiny01 / Via

    15. And this unfortunate spelling error that got laminated, hole-punched, and strung up for all the world to see:

    _InvertedEight_ / Via

    16. These sale signs that block your view of what's actually being sold:

    Pork_Chops_McGee / Via

    17. And finally, this store that got the elevator buttons backwards:

    julbra / Via