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    9 Dogs And 8 Cats Possibly Having An Identity Crisis

    Woof or meow? That is the question.

    1. This dog subscribes to the "if it fits I sits" philosophy.

    2. This cat is really begging his owner not to leave.

    3. This puppy is wondering why she gets a crate and the cat gets a tower?

    4. "Hi, yes, welcome to my condo."

    5. This cat fears neither water nor stick!

    6. Isabella is all about that kitchen counter life.

    7. And Dodger thinks the cat's on to something with this whole lounging-on-the-table thing.

    8. Check out this cat's waggly tail!

    9. Luckily, this window sill spot is big enough for the two of 'em!

    10. Tennis balls aren't just for dogs, ok?

    11. Which means Piper here calls dibs on the cat toys.

    12. This kitty is a master of fetch.

    13. Alfalfa is rockin' a leash and doesn't care who knows it!

    14. Nothing to see here! Just a Scottish terrier making himself comfortable on the arm of a chair.

    15. This cat is just one of the dogs!

    16. That windows down, wind on your face kinda mood.

    17. And who could forget, Tally? A true icon for all aspiring cats out there.