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What Are Some Cellphone-Free Things That Actually Help You Alleviate Boredom?

It can be something super relaxing, super productive, or anything in-between.

We're all guilty when we're bored of going through that infinite Twitter scroll, or whiling away hours on the Instagram discover pages...

...but sometimes, whether it's out of choice or because you've run out of data, it's nice to beat boredom without your cellphone.

So we want to hear about the things you do when you're bored but want to stay away from your phone for a while. Maybe you make a start on a jigsaw puzzle...

...or you might have a journal that you add to in your downtime.

Maybe you get super productive and set yourself a certain amount of time to organise something you've been meaning to tackle.

Tell us the ways you get rid of boredom in the comments below and you could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post or video!