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    21 "To All The Boys I've Loved Before" Book Quotes That'll Make You Swoon

    "I never knew kissing could be this good."

    If you’ve watched To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, you’ve no doubt fallen in love with Peter Kavinsky.

    And if you’ve read the book by Jenny Han that the Netflix movie is based on, you know there’s EVEN MORE to love about Peter Kavinsky.

    1. When Lara Jean describes Peter Kavinsky:

    2. When Peter Kavinsky confronts Lara Jean about her letter:

    3. When Lara Jean reveals what was in her letter to Peter Kavinsky:

    4. Lara Jean's letter to Peter Kavinsky continued:

    5. When Lara Jean recalls her first kiss with Peter Kavinsky:

    6. When Lara Jean spots Peter Kavinsky in the hallway at school:

    7. When Lara Jean kisses Peter Kavinsky to escape from Josh:

    8. When Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky negotiate their fake relationship contract, and he suggests the back jean pocket thing:

    9. When Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky get closer:

    10. And closer:

    11. When Peter Kavinsky packs snacks for a roadtrip:

    12. When Peter Kavinsky watches Lara Jean have fun on the roadtrip:

    13. When Peter Kavinsky tells a stranger they're dating:

    14. When Peter Kavinsky dresses as Peter Parker for Halloween, and Lara Jean dresses as Cho Chang:

    15. When Kitty observes Peter Kavinsky observing Lara Jean:

    16. When Peter Kavinsky kisses Lara Jean "for Josh's benefit" but high-key for his own benefit:

    17. When Peter Kavinsky reveals the special snack he packed for the ski trip:

    18. When Peter Kavinsky tells Lara Jean how he feels:

    19. When Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky make-out in the hot tub:

    20. When Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky make-out, continued:

    21. When Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky connect for real: