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    21 "To All The Boys I've Loved Before" Book Quotes That'll Make You Swoon

    "I never knew kissing could be this good."

    If you’ve watched To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, you’ve no doubt fallen in love with Peter Kavinsky.

    And if you’ve read the book by Jenny Han that the Netflix movie is based on, you know there’s EVEN MORE to love about Peter Kavinsky.

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    There are some moments that are the same as the movie, but getting inside Lara Jean's head makes them even better. Then there are other parts that were left out of the movie, or tweaked slightly. Of course, the movie is an amazing adaptation and I wouldn't change a thing about it to be honest – but the book is definitely worth reading if you haven't already. In the meantime, here are some quotes from the book that will definitely make you swoon...

    1. When Lara Jean describes Peter Kavinsky:

    Jenny Han / Netflix / BuzzFeed

    “He has the look of a Handsome Boy from a different time. He could be a dashing World War I soldier, handsome enough for a girl to wait years for him to come back from war, so handsome she could wait forever…Peter’s kind of wholesome good looks feel more like yesterday than today. There’s just something about him girls like."

    2. When Peter Kavinsky confronts Lara Jean about her letter:

    Jenny Han / Netflix / BuzzFeed

    "'Can I see it?' I reach for the letter, trying to stay calm and not sound desperate. Just casual cool.

    He hesitates and then grins his perfect Peter grin. 'Nah, I want to keep it. I never got a letter like this before.'"

    3. When Lara Jean reveals what was in her letter to Peter Kavinsky:

    Jenny Han / Netflix / BuzzFeed

    “Up close, your face wasn’t so much handsome as beautiful. How many beautiful boys have you ever seen? For me it was just one. You.”

    4. Lara Jean's letter to Peter Kavinsky continued:

    Jenny Han / Netflix / BuzzFeed

    “You’re still in chorus, even though all the other boys take band and orchestra now. You even sing solos. And you dance, and you’re not embarrassed.”

    5. When Lara Jean recalls her first kiss with Peter Kavinsky:

    Jenny Han / Netflix / BuzzFeed

    “Peter and I were downstairs alone, the last two people to be picked up. We were sitting on the couch…out of nowhere, he said, ‘Your hair smells like coconuts.’

    We weren’t even sitting that close…

    Then Peter Kavinsky leaned right in and kissed me, and I was stunned…after he kissed me, he was all I could think about for months after.”

    6. When Lara Jean spots Peter Kavinsky in the hallway at school:

    Jenny Han / Netflix / BuzzFeed

    "That’s when I see him. Peter Kavinsky, walking down the hallway. Like magic. Beautiful, dark-haired Peter. He deserves background music, he looks so good."

    7. When Lara Jean kisses Peter Kavinsky to escape from Josh:

    Jenny Han / Netflix / BuzzFeed

    "It’s like we’re in a movie…except for the fact that Peter’s expression is registering pure shock and disbelief and maybe a drop of amusement, because Peter likes to be amused. Raising his eyebrows, he says, 'Lara Jean? What the–?'

    I don’t answer. I just kiss him…For about three seconds he’s kissing me back. Peter Kavinsky, the boy of every girl’s dreams, is kissing me back…

    I open my eyes and Peter’s staring at me with that same expression on his face. Very sincerely I say, 'Thank you.' He replies, 'You’re welcome.'"

    8. When Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky negotiate their fake relationship contract, and he suggests the back jean pocket thing:

    Jenny Han / Netflix / BuzzFeed

    "You’ve gotta give me something here, Lara Jean…How about at least a hand in your back jean pocket?”

    9. When Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky get closer:

    Jenny Han / Netflix / BuzzFeed

    “He pushes away from the wall and puts his head in my lap…

    ‘I’m sleepy.’ He closes his eyes and snuggles against me. ‘Tell me a bedtime story, Covey.’”

    10. And closer:

    Jenny Han / Netflix / BuzzFeed

    “I finally look at Peter, and I’m surprised by how hard he’s paying attention; his eyes are intent and focused on me like he’s actually interested in what I’m saying.”

    11. When Peter Kavinsky packs snacks for a roadtrip:

    Jenny Han / Netflix / BuzzFeed

    “He passes me a donut in a napkin, still warm. ‘I stopped and got it special, right when they opened at seven thirty. It’s mocha sugar.’”

    12. When Peter Kavinsky watches Lara Jean have fun on the roadtrip:

    Jenny Han / Netflix / BuzzFeed

    “I can’t help but lean my head out the window and scream because it’s such a thrill…

    ‘You’re crazy,’ Peter says, pulling me back in by the hem of my shirt. He’s looking at me like he did that day I kissed him in the hallway. Like I'm different than he thought.”

    13. When Peter Kavinsky tells a stranger they're dating:

    Jenny Han / Netflix / BuzzFeed

    “'Is this your feller?'

    “No, not really,” I say, and Peter throws his arm around my shoulder and says, ‘Yes, sir. I’m her feller.'"

    14. When Peter Kavinsky dresses as Peter Parker for Halloween, and Lara Jean dresses as Cho Chang:

    Jenny Han / Netflix / BuzzFeed

    "Peter reaches out and tickles me, and I laugh so hard I almost drop my wand. I dart away from him but he pounces after me, pretend shooting webs at my feet.”

    15. When Kitty observes Peter Kavinsky observing Lara Jean:

    Jenny Han / Netflix / BuzzFeed

    "He looks at you a lot, Lara Jean. When you’re not paying attention. He looks at you, to see if you’re having a good time."

    16. When Peter Kavinsky kisses Lara Jean "for Josh's benefit" but high-key for his own benefit:

    Jenny Han / Netflix / BuzzFeed

    "'Then just in case,' Peter says, and he leans his head out and kisses me on the lips, open-mouthed and sure…

    When he pulls away, Peter’s smiling. 'Night, Lara Jean.'"

    17. When Peter Kavinsky reveals the special snack he packed for the ski trip:

    Jenny Han / Netflix / BuzzFeed

    "'You should know that you missed out on mocha sugar donuts…I went out and got them last night specifically for the bus ride,' Peter says. 'For you and me.'"

    18. When Peter Kavinsky tells Lara Jean how he feels:

    Jenny Han / Netflix / BuzzFeed

    “'I started liking you…Why do you think I kissed you that day at McClaren’s house back in seventh grade? It’s why I went along with this thing in the first place. I’ve always thought you were cute…

    'Gen and I have history. I’m always going to care about her.' He shrugs. 'But now…I like you.'"

    19. When Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky make-out in the hot tub:

    Jenny Han / Netflix / BuzzFeed

    "His pupils are dilated he’s looking at me so hard. He’s staring at me like he’s never seen me before…He pulls me into the water so I'm sitting in the hot tub too, and my nightgown is soaked now but I don’t care. I don’t care about anything. I never knew kissing could be this good."

    20. When Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky make-out, continued:

    Jenny Han / Netflix / BuzzFeed

    “Peter’s holding my face in his hands, kissing me. ‘Are you okay?' he whispers. His voice is different: it’s ragged and urgent and vulnerable somehow."

    21. When Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky connect for real:

    Jenny Han / Netflix / BuzzFeed

    “He sees me. And I see him.”