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    15 Things You Could Have Bought For $20 In 1918

    A hundred years ago, we would be rollin' in dough.

    We know the facts: Prices are too damn high. Inflation is real. And 1918 was a completely different time.

    But, what could we really buy with all that early 20th century coin?

    1. For $20 you could be sippin' on 120 tall Starbucks iced coffees.

    2. You could get 3 whole tickets to Disney World. $20 definitely won't get you that today.

    3. Maybe 36 MoviePass subscriptions is more your jam.

    #MoviePass: “Mr. Stark, I don’t feel so good...”


    Idk why you would want that many but you could do it in 1918.

    4. You could even buy a pair of Yeezys.

    5. Want 36 PopSockets?! Travel back in time to 1918.

    6. Or you could have 864 cans of La Croix!

    7. You could treat yourself to a pair of Beats wireless headphones.

    8. If you want, you can have 51 slices of avocado toast.

    9. And if you're trying to get real sufficient, you could have 32 months of Netflix.

    10. You could buy about 22 books.

    11. You could buy 3 Fitbits to keep track of your steps, or not!

    12. School season is here, and you could get 60 spiral notebooks.

    13. Let's raise the stakes: You could go on a long road trip with 90 gallons of gas!

    14. Or you could buy two round-trip tickets across the country.

    15. Or even stay at an AirBnb for a night...IN A CASTLE!

    Moral of the story: Buy what you can now, because it's only going downhill from here.

    Future Old Person: I remember when a cup of coffee was only six dollars