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Kanye West Has Revealed Why He Was Wearing ~THOSE~ Slippers That Were Too Small For His Feet

Apparently it's an actual ~thing~ guys.

So if you're a somewhat regular user of the internet, you'll probably have seen those pictures of Kanye West wearing slippers* that are just too damn small for his feet.

Let's take a closer look at this very traditional wedding attire, shall we?

99% of people who've seen this picture have responded the exact same way, which is: "...........dude wtf?"

Plz don’t copy Kanye and wear sandals with a suit, it’s not a good look for him or you.

@KimYeMedia Kanye got the “helping my mom wit groceries” slides on 😂

come to my wedding in a pair of slides and you can slide the fuck back home, idc if u kanye west

As recently as this past weekend, even Kim was low-key roasting Kanye for the slippers. In a video posted to her Instagram story, she first thanked Kanye for buying her a new truck before zooming in on his luxury prison shoes to check if they actually fit this time.

Well Kanye has now responded to the roasting, posting a meme t-shirt of the slippers to his Twitter.

Diet Prada 😭😭😭 🔥🔥🔥

I'm not gonna lie, I want this t-shirt so damn bad.

But not content with trolling himself, Kanye then explained that he's not wearing slippers that are too small for him, he's actually just wearing them "the Japanese way".

Just so you can see what he's talking about, here's the full picture.

And it turns out that this is actually legit! Apparently it's a sneaky hack to stop blisters when wearing flip flops. Basically instead of pushing your foot right up into that little toe divider, you should back it up a bit, which leaves your heel "two to three centimetres off the back" and apparently helps with balance. Who knew!?

But I'm still a little confused because it's a hack for wearing flip flops that have the strap between your toes. Kanye is wearing slippers that don't have that, so the hack is kinda pointless in this instance.

And it turns out I'm not the only one who's still a little confused.

@kanyewest You really on here defending your sandals at 7 am?! LMAO Kanye I thought you was busy fam.

Especially considering you're only meant to have 2cm hanging off the back.

@kanyewest Boy you had like 3 inches hanging off at 2 chainz wedding don’t lie

@kanyewest But your toes hanging off the front too?

@kanyewest ”wooden” shoe not foam. And 1-2cm not 4-6cm 😂

But hey, who are we to question Kanye West!?

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