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    People Have A Lot Of Thoughts After Kanye West Wore Socks And Sandals To A Wedding

    "WHAT ARE THOOOOOSE!?" – the internet to Kanye.

    Over the weekend, it was the wedding of rapper 2 Chainz and his partner Kesha Ward. Let's all give them a quick congratulations!

    Obviously the wedding was never going to be a quaint affair – the venue for the day was the Versace mansion in Miami, and guests such as Kim Kardashian and Kanye West attended to help the couple celebrate.

    But when pictures from the wedding hit Twitter, people weren't focusing on the couple, or even Kim in her neon dress that low-key looks like a yellow-green highlighter pen. No, they were looking at Kanye's feet.

    In the immortal words of the internet – WHAT ARE THOSE!?

    Well, to answer my own question, they're the new Yeezy slides. We got a glimpse of them not too long ago, when Kanye was on vacation.

    So Twitter simply looked at the slides, shrugged, and moved on, right? LOL don't be silly. Twitter had a lot of thoughts.

    Plz don’t copy Kanye and wear sandals with a suit, it’s not a good look for him or you.

    @KimYeMedia Kanye got the “helping my mom wit groceries” slides on 😂

    come to my wedding in a pair of slides and you can slide the fuck back home, idc if u kanye west

    sure when kanye wears slides to an intimate affair he's a "fashion icon" but when i do it's "disrespectful to my grandfathers memory" smh

    Why Kanye slides made out of air mattresses?

    This tweet in particular tickled me.

    @KimYeMedia Leave Kanye!! they were late and he grabbed Kim's slides by mistake.

    Because if you look carefully, it looks like Kanye's slides are too small for his feet.

    And Kim was pictured wearing the same slides a couple of days before.

    Which makes this tweet even funnier.

    @KimYeMedia Leave Kanye!! they were late and he grabbed Kim's slides by mistake.

    Although I absolutely do not support wearing a suit with slides, I do have to admit that I think these would be mad comfy. Like, yes they look a little like luxury prison shoes, but I bet they feel like clouds on your feet.

    But for this price, I'll skip the trend.

    I guess it's just another day in the world of Kim and Kanye.