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    If These 18 Pictures Of Celine Dion Don't Bring You Great Joy, NOTHING WILL

    These pictures saved my life.

    1. Once upon a time Celine Dion went golfing and someone took pictures of it.

    2. The pictures of Celine Dion golfing are some of the best pictures I've seen in my entire life. I do not say that lightly. I may be gay, but this is no gay exaggeration. These pictures are amazing.

    3. Like, I'm obsessed with Celine Dion and nothing really surprises me about her ever since I found out she had a house with its own water park, but these golfing pictures are some next level Celine Dion content.

    4. The intensity.

    5. The strength.

    6. I'm not really sure what's she's doing here but I support it.

    7. Anyway, the day Celine Dion went golfing everyone just kind of stopped and watched Celine Dion play golf.

    8. I mean, who would have ever thought we would have these excellent pictures of Celine Dion playing golf.

    9. Surely, not me.

    10. After all, it is her who said "If you want it the most, there's no easy way out.*"

    11. That stare.

    12. That jig.

    13. Those golfball launching cannons.

    14. And even if every shot wasn't her best....

    15. ...Celine still emerged as the champion.

    16. I think she even won a plate.

    17. Then she jumped into the pond because she was prob looking to TAKE A KAYAK or something.

    18. The end.