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Tell Us The Grossest Thing You Witnessed At A Music Festival


Ahh, music festivals: a fun, carefree summertime staple for young people everywhere. You get to dress up and go listen to live music with your friends, and what could be better?

Well, let me tell ya — music festivals can be fucking disgusting. So have YOU ever had a barf-worthy festival moment?!

Like maybe you went to Coachella and the line for the porta-potties was soooo long that people just started shittin' everywhere.

Or maybe you were the culprit and full-on puked on a girl during Odesza's set at Panorama.

Or perhaps you accidentally walked in on a couple wearing unicorn masks and doing the nasty in one of the light-up art installations.

So if you have a gross music festival story, please submit it in the DropBox below for a chance to be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post or video! (Pictures are also welcomed...with CAUTION!!!!!!!)