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    Coles Has Decided To Offer Free Plastic Bags Again Because People Got Mad

    But now even more people are fuming.

    Hello and welcome to another installment of Things Twitter Is Pissed About.

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    Today's episode is all about plastic bags.

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    People are mad, nay, fuming because Coles backflipped on its earlier decision to ban single-use plastic bags, which would require customers to either bring their own or pay 15 cents for a "reusable" one made from thicker plastic.

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    Customers in NSW will no longer have to cough up the change, but those in places like Tasmania and South Australia, where single-use bags are banned by government legislation, will continue to pay the 15 cents.

    The response to the news has been thus.

    But seriously, who are all these shoppers ~struggling~ with reusable bags? JUST KEEP ONE BY THE DOOR LINDA, IT'S NOT HARD. #Coles

    I work at Chatswood Coles and I am using scissors to undermine the structural integrity of all the plastic bags

    If you're gonna starve to death cause you're too much of an idiot to bring your reusable bags to Coles then that's called natural selection and I support that. #coles #bagban

    Sorry but #coles caving on the plastic bag ban is the most outrageous display of corporate cowardice I have ever seen. Customers “not coping” need psychology not free plastic bags. The gov needs to make it law and force the change. #auspol

    But seriously, imagine what a tedious, entitled pain in the arse you’d have to be to write to #Coles, complaining about having to bring your own bags to the supermarket. Some people are the actual worst.

    🎶 Down down, integrity is down 🎶 #Coles

    Hey @Coles - I will not be shopping with you ever again thanks to your pathetic reversal of the plastic bag ban. Single-use plastics are destroying our environment, and you're helping to speed that destruction along, you numpties. #coles #PlasticBan #WarOnWasteAU #waronwaste

    Down, down. Standards are down. #coles

    The funniest about this whole @Coles and @woolworths plastic bag saga is that @ALDIAustralia has NEVER offered single use plastic shopping bags and yet there has never been a drama and business is booming. Surely some of the whingers have shopped at ALDI at some point. #Coles

    I’m bitterly disappointed in @Coles decision to cave into the squeals of the “change is hard and we don’t like it” brigade. I will continue to bring my own bags because I’m a grown-up and know how to adapt. #Coles

    #Coles have somehow turned reusable plastic bags into single use plastic bags...

    It's a sad sad day when @Coles caves in to a some customers whinging about having to bring their own bag, instead of doing what is best for EVERY SINGLE HUMAN ON THE PLANET. #Coles #WarOnWasteAU

    This latest announcement also closely follows the launch of a new campaign at Coles called "Little Shop" where you can collect your "favourite" consumables in plastic miniature form.

    I’ve collected 7/30 of the Coles Little Shop items so far (it’s fun). You’re only supposed to get given one item with every $30 you spend but today we spent $38 and got given 6 hahahahaha

    Is anyone collecting these Coles little shop thing? It’s it just more unnecessary plastic items that we don’t need? Or have I turned into my Nan.. #PlasticFreeJuly #WarOnWasteAU

    Won't someone think of the turtles?

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