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    Millie Bobby Brown And Jacob Sartorius Have Broken Up, In Case You Care

    It's 2018 and a 14-year-old has to release a statement about this.

    ICYMI, Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown and singer/lip-syncer Jacob Sartorius have been dating since December.

    Instagram: @jacobsartorius / Via

    They're 14 and 15 respectively, and have been making everyone sick on Instagram with their adorable posts.

    Well, now the two have officially broken up. And I mean officially – they both released statements about it on their Instagram stories.

    Reaction to the news was somewhat mixed.

    i can tell i'm getting older because i genuinely feel like a proud, relieved mom hearing that millie bobby brown is no longer dating that awful soundcloud boy

    millie bobby brown And jacob sartorious broke up..... love really is a sham huh.....

    Jacob Sartorius and Millie Bobby Brown broke isn’t real if a 14 year old and a 15 year old can’t be together forever :(

    jacob sartorius and millie bobby brown broke up? so sad. alexa play despacito.

    I don’t want to sound like an old lady but WTH is this story. A 14 & 15 year old break up after a 7 month “romance” and release statement “we’ll remain friends” #eyeroll Millie Bobby Brown and Jacob Sartorius Split After Seven Months of Dating

    And it had some people flashing back to their own teen break-ups.

    Poor Millie Bobby Brown. Imagine having to ‘announce’ breaking up with your boyfriend 👏🏻AT 👏🏻 14. She should just be able to take his name off of her msn screen name like the rest of us. Right, kids?

    @lauraannstevens Take them off the top friends list on myspace

    Millie Bobby Brown and her BF break up and release a statement saying "we're both happy and still friends" Yea when I broke up at age 14 it was totally drama-less and did not lead to lots of bad poetry and #DashboardConfessional..oh wait.

    Millie seems to be doing okay, because she also shared this cute pic to her Instagram story.

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