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    29 Ways To Make Your Bedroom A Sanctuary

    When your favorite room is calm and peaceful, you can be too!

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    1. Create a base layer that makes entering your room like walking on cloud nine. A plush shag rug in a pretty color or light gray should do the trick!

    2. Make your bed a bed-activities only space. Set up a designated work space and stop working from your bed (I know, it's really temping). Don't fire up Netflix on your computer; watch TV from your couch instead!

    3. Cover your bed with a mega fluffy all-season duvet insert, because being cozy isn't just for the wintertime. The well over 4,000 people who rated this five stars can't be wrong!

    4. And wrap up your plush insert in a pretty duvet cover that'll make you happy to come home to a made bed every night.

    5. Speaking of which, make your bed every day. That's right!! Every day. It'll help you *kickstart* your productivity AND make your bedroom seem like HEAVEN on earth when you get back after a hectic day.

    6. When you're reading (but remember, not working!) in bed, use a table lamp with multiple brightness and color options so you can sleep soundly soon after. As you head towards bed time, opt for warmer light colors!

    7. Enjoy the comfort of a candle or fragrance oil inspired by your home city or state so your home away from your childhood home seems less... well, far.

    8. Or if you'd rather not doze off next to an open flame (fair), ~light up~ a trio of flameless candles that look like the real deal — and have a light vanilla scent for ultimate relaxation.

    9. Set up your four-legging bestie in the lap of luxury; place this extra deep (and machine washable!) pet bed near yours so you can both totally chill out.

    10. Or if you don't have a furry friend of your own, cuddle up with a super soft Shiba Inu plushie who doesn't mind a million hugs.

    11. Hang a strand (or several) of photo clip lights so you can surround yourself with your favorite memories with your friends and family throughout the years.

    12. Stand out from the crowd with a geometric light anyone who visits your space will surely ~moon after~.

    13. Looking for uninterrupted sleep? Go for heavy blackout curtains to keep out the sunlight on weekend mornings or turn your bedroom into a nice and dark movie-watching cave.

    14. Or if you like when the sunshine comes streaming in, hang pretty sheer curtains that'll let the light in but maintain your privacy.

    15. Bedding is all about layers. Keep a variety of actually comfy pillows you want to bury yourself in, then layer super-soft sheets, a lightweight blanket, and your favorite duvet — then top everything off with a faux fur throw over the bottom of your bed for a luxe and inviting final touch.

    16. When cuddling with your regular pillows, stroke a reversible sequin pillow for a soothing tactile exercise that *also* adds a little sparkle to your space.

    17. Pick a color scheme and paint color you find soothing, happy, and peaceful — color psychology might help you!

    18. Set up a stylish wood grain essential oil diffuser to keep the room from drying out, while adding your favorite scent for a little aromatherapy.

    19. Or for a quicker fix, spritz some lavender linen and room spray to take things to the next level of chill.

    20. Customize and replenish your space with a monthly Lunarly subscription inspired by the cycles of the moon and designed to help you practice self-care.

    21. And if you're looking to add some greenery to your room but don't want to add the stress of keeping it alive, choose one of these low-maintenance, hard-to-kill indoor plans.

    22. Plug in a pair of Himalayan sea salt night lights to cast a warm, inviting glow *and* protect you from stubbed toes during nighttime ventures to the bathroom or kitchen.

    23. Hang up a quartz wind chime for a piece of decor that'll look as pretty as it sounds.

    24. Cover your ceiling in realistic, domed 3D glow-in-the-dark stars to recreate the swirling constellations of the sky...right above you.

    25. Decorate an accent wall or your bookshelves with stunning branch string lights to transform your room into an ethereal secret garden.

    26. Set the mood with a faceted, color-changing speaker that can stream your favorite tunes via Bluetooth connection.

    27. Get cozy under a weighted blanket some people have said has helped with anxiety, stress, and insomnia.

    28. Store all your dirty clothes in an actually-cool woven hamper, because nothing harshes your chill vibes like seeing your nice clothes piled high on The Chair.

    29. And opt for a bed frame with built-in storage space to reduce the clutter in your field of vision so you can stay focused and feel serene.

    That feeling when you've entered your favorite room of the house.

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